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new release time!! or re-release time? Either way it’s FRIDAY. The WEEKEND.

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Fence 677x1000

Six years apart and my, my, things have changed. Specifically, his wider shoulders and tighter-fitting jeans. Shellie Chambers is supposed to be on a quick, relaxing break, visiting her lifelong best friend, Riley Hamilton. Seeing his dimpled smile all over again has her thinking their friends-only relationship needs to add a lovers option in this small town.

Flings, one night stands, and lovers are a thing of Riley’s past. He’d chased women, took up drinking—and possibly more he couldn’t remember—until smacking rock-bottom. He managed to climb out of that hellhole and had no desire to go back. He has responsibilities now and a sensible head on his shoulders. Then Shellie turns up. She’s saying and doing all the right things while looking just right, too. She leaves him torn: should he have her legs around his waist during her visit, or do right by himself and keep her at arm’s length?

Here’s the deal. This book is only .99. But it’s not staying .99 forever. If you want, grab it now. Unless you just want to pay more for it, then by all means, wait a week and I’ll let you! But I love a good bargain and this is a good bargain!!

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If you really like a good deal, get the first in this series FREE.

She doesn’t want wild and raunchy, just a little spice…
He wants commitment and long-term, not a quick roll…

Two best friends who both want each other, but for very different reasons.

The walls are thin in the Apple Trail Apartments. Ever since she moved in after her divorce, Stephanie has listened to her best friend next door getting busy. By the bed knocking on the wall and the gasping women, Stephanie wants to be one of those women on the other side. She just has to get the courage up to ask.

The only woman Parker Madison ever wanted long-term was the very-married Stephanie. He’s tried finding a substitute, but there just isn’t another woman like her. Now that she’s available, he just has to keep his hands to himself for a respectable length of time after her divorce. He’s planning to make a move after eight months. Stephanie takes him by surprise after three. Does he fulfill her request and risk becoming that best friend rebound guy or wait it out to better his chances for happily ever after?

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If FREE isn’t good enough to entice you to click over and grab it, what if you knew what someone else thought? Kelly at Goodreads grabbed it for her Why Buy The Cow? reading challenge!

Through the Wall is for readers who…

…like friends-to-lovers stories.
…get a kick out of the idea of listening through the walls to naughty shenanigans on the other side.
…get an even bigger kick over one of the parties faking it because they’re too embarrassed to go to town on themselves with the other listening.
…like women who don’t give up.
…like men who recognize a good thing when they see it.
…have a soft spot for sexy mechanics and the women who want to jump them.