I Hate February

And not even because it’s hard to say the name of the month.

Hello, my name is Liz and I hate February.

Yes, this is a hater post…I’m totally being a negative Nancy.

Okay, just to get it out of the way, I will admit I don’t hate all parts of February. For instance, I like Mardi Gras. Beads, parades and fattening king cake? Uh, yeah. That’s all good. And I like Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, out to dinner to a favorite restaurant? Bring it. But the rest of February?


For one thing, it’s all gray and dirty outside. Oh, sure, Mother Nature brushes the occasional tulip tree with color, but for the most part, all the green we get is clover or weeds (how do they always survive?). And the weather is gray, too. All rain spitting, gloomy, cool and damp. Blah. And then there’s gathering up all the tax stuff. Ugh. I hate wading back through our past year, seeing all the spending we did, looking at all the money we wasted, and then looking at the bank statement….and sighing. My job is to gather all the receipts, not just for my writing, but for the personal and business. It takes forever to go through all the credit card statements, double-checking to make sure I have everythign straight and placed in the right spot. The calculator and I become BFFs. Can you tell I’m in the middle of this right now?

Other things I hate about February:

Christmas bills come due

Dead grass is tracked through the house (and in my car)

It’s too cool and wet for the kids to play outside (most days)

Christmas treats show up on your thighs (and butt and hips and tummy)

No more football (with exception of one Super Bowl game)

Baseball season is still a month away

The only yard work I can do is pruning (not fun)


The only good things about February:

It’s a short month


So I’m sure after all that, you can get the idea that I don’t really like February? LOL. So now I’m willing to be convinced about the month honoring Presidents and over-priced cards shaped like a heart. What do you LIKE about February? And do you have a favorite month? I’m pretty partial to April myself.