I got nothing…

There’s a reason I only blog here twice a month instead of weekly. My life is just not that interesting and I just don’t feel I have much to add to the conversation. One of the reasons this post is late is because last night when I could have posted it, I couldn’t think of anything to say.
I could tell you about how Pax knocked out my elderly parents’ power and phone in Georgia for more than 60 hours, but many people are without power, and you’ve read the stories in the news already. Nothing new there. Besides, that’s a hearsay story, not mine, so…never mind. By the way, the storm also took out ‘Ike’s’ Tree on the Augusta National Golf course. (President Eisenhower hit the tree with his ball many times and asked for it to be cut down. The board of directors at the golf course wouldn’t even vote on it. It was a non-starter). Since I grew up in Augusta and my dh follows the Masters, the story caught my eye. But that was on the news so you already saw that too, I’m guessing.

I could tell you about how I’ve been on a cleaning binge and have discovered that my husband is a hoarder.(Yes, in this age of Mapquest and GPS apps, he pulled 20-year-old paper maps of states we never travel to out of the recycling bin to save. God help me!) Oh, wait…I already did an earlier post about that.

Let’s see…I’m planning a plotting retreat with some writing buddies, but that’s a post for AFTER the retreat, to tell you how it went and what we learned.
Or I could write about…no, boring.
Wait, maybe I could wax poetically about…nah.
That’s it. I got nuthin’.
So here are gratuitous cat pictures, and I’ll sign off for today. I’ll try to be more inspiring next time!735160_428080600593601_797406739_n525898_332279680185361_975172705_n20130616_155923