I Got Nothin’…

I got my notice in my email that it was my day to blog on Saturday. I read it, logged it in the back of my mind, and promptly forgot. Granted, I had a busy day scheduled for my Saturday. I had to go to bus roadeo practice this morning, and my husband and I had plans to finally get the garage cleaned out and organized so I can get the storage unit emptied next weekend. We also need to go shopping for a newer fridge for the garage. Our electric bill is outrageous, and part of the reason is the fact that the fridge in our garage came from my husband’ great aunt, who passed away several years ago. The fridge wasn’t new then and I know it is an energy vampire, but the reality is that I need it so it isn’t an option to just throw it out and not replace it. However, I also know that it would behoove us to purchase a refrigerator that was made in this century, hence the scheduled trip to the appliance store.

Well, I made it to bus roadeo practice. I wasn’t convinced that I would even compete this year since the electric mirrors the buses come equipped with don’t tip far enough down for someone of my height to be able to see the ground and my rear wheels at the same time. Our shop promised to fix it but I had no faith that they actually did. Lo and behold, when I got behind the wheel of the bus today I could actually see pretty well!! Bus roadeos are a lot of fun. They consist of taking a 40 foot lo-floor bus through a series of measured turns, back-up maneuvers, and judgement calls, all in 7 minutes or less. We must thread the bus through a series of cones set up in a pattern–many of the things we do are not something we would encounter in day-to-day driving and it takes a lot of skill to get through the course without taking out a cone or a barrel or having to back up!

I worked on my skills for an hour or so then had to head out with my girl friend to look at a car she wanted to buy. We ended up going to lunch then shopping for work shoes, which we both needed. The trip to the appliance store will have to wait for another day and my husband and son worked on the garage for a bit before moving on to other chores. I came home and flopped onto the bed and ended up taking a nap.

I remembered I was supposed to blog while watching an episode of Ghost Adventurers and so here I am. And I got nothin’ except a rehash of my not-so-interesting day and some sad excuses… But that’s how a writer’s life is. Some days you can’t wait to get to your computer because the story is just THERE–it just comes pouring out of you as soon as your fingers touch the keyboard. And then there are days you sit around and watch the grass grow because you got nothin’. So how was YOUR Saturday? Did you accomplish what you had planned or did you get sidetracked? Was the sidetrack profitable or was it a time-suck? I ‘ve decided this day is a wash so I am going back to my TV and ghost Adventurers and hopefully next week I can have something much more interesting for you to read!