I Forgot I Remembered

A week ago last Sunday my mother-in-law called to wish herself Happy Birthday. She didn’t bother to wait for my husband to call her, because it is a well known fact that we stink at remembering birthdays and anniversaries, including our own.

It’s not that we don’t try, and it’s not that we forget entirely, it’s more about retaining the awareness long enough to act on it. Every year around the first week of September we have a conversation along the lines of, “For crying out loud, we can not forget your mother’s birthday again this year”. Then next thing I know it’s September 15th and once again my sweet, forgiving mother-in-law is calling to so we can express our birthday wishes.

A date book would be helpful, except you have to remember to look in it so it can remind you of what you absolutely do not want to forget. But hallelujah! I have finally mastered my email reminder system. I now have a message scheduled to myself on September 9th of every single year that says DARLENE’S BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 15TH, DUMMY! 

I was so proud of myself for taking care of that I figured I should keep up the good daughter-in-law momentum and do some cleaning in her honor. As I was shoveling off the kitchen table I ran across a bag from the gift shop in Glacier National Park where I did a little shopping on Labor Day weekend, and I thought, “Right, gotta remember to take your sister’s birthday present with you when you visit next week.”

So I dug in the sack to find it and…huh. Whaddaya know. There’s a jewelry box in there with the necklace that we bought for my mother-in-law. Yes, friends, I had completely forgotten that I remembered her birthday.

I stuffed the jewelry box in my backpack to be sure it got to town with me, along with a padded mailer. Want to take bets on how long it’ll sit on my desk before I remember to actually take it to the post office?


Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real