I Don’t WANNA!

By Laura Drake

My first sale was for my Sweet on a Cowboy series, to Grand Central. I’ve had a debut year to remember, and more success than I had any right to expect (and didn’t).

Cover Nothing SweeterAuthors know, everything in New York takes a loooong time. So though the second in the series, Nothing Sweeter, is due out the end of January, (but you can preorder it here. You know how important preorders are to authors, right? I’m just saying…) I’m finishing the final edits on Sweet on You, the last in the series.

And it just hit me today. After that, it’ll be over. Not forever, thank God. My agent talked to my editor and they will want more books from me, but they’re not sure what yet. More bull riding cowboy romances? Hmmm, jury’s still out. And I have the Superromance small town series to keep me busy, but Laura Drake, moving on from bull riding? Is that even possible?

I’m comfortable there. I know the world as much as I can, looking at it from the outside – I’m too danged old to get on a bull, but if I were younger, I’d try it!

How can I be in the waning of my debut year, and it be over at the same time?

I’m not ready. I don’t WANNA!

Have you had to move on before you were ready to?

Cover SweetonYoup.s. On the upside, I did get my cover for Sweet on You the other day. It distracted me from the pain for awhile. Okay, so it’s still distracting me.