I Bet Julia Roberts Never Has Days Like This….

I think I mentioned before that the girls and I were in a movie. It was filmed last summer and the grand gala opening for “House of Temptation” was on the first of this month in a neat old theater in downtown San Francisco.

Now when I hear “Grand Gala” and “Red Carpet Event” I think of Hollywood and glitz and glamor, so both the girls and I decided we needed to fancy ourselves up for The Big Day. I wanted a really nice dress, something that I wouldn’t normally wear, so Oldest Daughter and I went shopping and we ended up at one of those bridal shops. I found a dress that I liked and decided to buy it. I liked it, that is, until I brought it up to the counter to buy it. The sign in the window claimed they had dresses on sale for “$19.99 and up”. Hence why I even went in. I was told the dress I had picked wasn’t one of the dresses that was on sale (even though I could have sworn it was on the sale rack) and it would be $164.00. I hesitated momentarily but felt obligated to purchase it by then since I had said I would (I’m such a coward when it comes to stuff like this!) so I handed over my debit card and swallowed–hard. That is a LOT of money to me, and I couldn’t really afford it but I took the dress home and hung it in the closet. And looked at it. And thought about it. And realized I didn’t love it $164 worth of love.

I decided to take it back, and here is where I hit a snag. I figured that it wouldn’t be an issue to return the dress, since the tags were still on it and it was before the event I was attending was scheduled to occur, so I should be able to take it back with no questions asked. Did you know that apparently bridal shops don’t operate that way? That once you pay for the dress it is yours– no ifs, ands, or buts about it. “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” should be written in capital letters across the top of the receipt instead of in miniscule script near the bottom… The lady who owned the store let me trade it for a dress that was a little  less expensive and that I actually liked better, but I was still out a hundred bucks.

Since I had the stupid dress, I decided that I should get some shoes that were absolutely fabulous to go with it.  After all, it’s not like I am in a movie every day and I had already spent a fortune for the dress. I deserved some really cute shoes!  So the hubby and I went shopping at one of those designer shoe warehouses. And I found these…my heelsTOTALLY awesome, yes?!

My younger daughter, The Princess, needed shoes also but she couldn’t find what she wanted and ended up buying a pair of hot pink wedges and decided to just get a dress to wear with them, instead of finding heels for the dress she already had. She dragged me and her sister all over hell, er, the mall and back and finally settled on a black dress and accessorized the heck out of it. By then we were running really late and still had to get our nails done. I had planned on going to the nail salon in the morning and having the rest of the day to get ready, not going on a manic last-minute shopping spree! I was starting to get tense, but headed to the nail boutique, hoping that they were quick. My sister had recommended them, since my salon was closed and I needed my nails done desperately!

O, did I forget to mention we were doing this the day of The Big Event? Why of course we were! God forbid that I should ever do things in a timely manner!

We were still at the salon when my sister called me from my house, wondering where on earth we were! I had been watching the clock and we were already past the time we should have left to make it on time to San Francisco. Throwing money at the technicians, we leaped into my Yukon and flew home. We threw our dresses on in record time, grabbed our bling and hopped into my sister’s little rental car. The girls did their makeup in the car and I drove like Jehu towards the Bay.

I would have made it close to on time except, as luck would have it, there was a wreck on the Bay Bridge that slowed us down by almost a half hour.  My sister had the directions to the parking garage we were supposed to use and I whipped the Sonata into the first slot available and we piled out.

Let me just say that the area in San Francisco that we found ourselves is not known for its ritziness. We were quite the picture–five women in evening gowns and heels tottering our way down the uneven sidewalks of a rather down-trodden sort of neighborhood in the heart of the city. We were all rather dismayed when we realized we were going to have to walk almost four blocks to the theater! I’m pretty sure my niece got propositioned at least twice and I even got leered at by some of the residents who walked by us…

We finally arrived and slipped into the darkened theater, only to realize after about ten minutes that the parts of the movie in which we “starred” had already been shown! Even though we were disappointed to miss our fifteen minutes of glory we enjoyed the rest of the film, but it was quite a let-down to not get to be a part of the entire evening from the beginning. My director just shook his head when he saw us and said we will have to wait to see the entire movie at the next showing in a month or so.

We were all starving, since we missed out on the appetizers and drinks before the movie, so we decided to hit up this great little Mexican restaurant the Princess knew about from when she and her ex used to come to the city for dinner while she was at  CSU East Bay. I have to hand it to the patrons of this establishment. Not one of them even lifted an eyebrow as we strolled in the doors of what is basically a taqueria in all our finery. To say we were a little over-dressed is an understatement, but hey–this WAS San Francisco after all. I mean come on–they have Haight-Ashbury and Berkeley for Pete’s sake! We were barely interesting! We stuffed ourselves on some really amazing fresh Mexican food and headed home about midnight where we all stripped out of our gowns and fell into bed. It was a fun evening but hardly worth what it cost us in clothes, jewelry, and gas.

Have you ever had an event you looked forward to for a long time, only to go to it and be disappointed? It either wasn’t what it claimed to be, or something happened and you didn’t quite make it there in time? Or you spent a lot of time and money to do something special and it turns out all wrong? I’m sure I’m not the only one! Feel free to share!

(PS–I was told the next showing of the movie will be more local, so maybe I can wear my shoes and dress again–after all, no one really saw us in SanFrancisco–I’m pretty sure the bums don’t count! AND we will make it to the show ON TIME! Fingers crossed!)