I AM Christmas Carol!

by Laura Drake



photo credit: deltaMike via photopin cc

photo credit: deltaMike via photopin cc


I’ll admit it; I LOVE Christmas music. It may be nostalgia dating back to when I was in the church choir, and we went caroling in the snow every year. Maybe it just brings back good memories of when my whole family sat around the tree and sang them. But to me, there’s magic in those old songs. The same magic I see in a lit Christmas tree at night. I never get tired of them. In fact, I’m listening to them right now.

I own tons of Christmas CDs. I have a playlist on my ipod. I’ve been known to listen to Trans Siberian’s, The Wisdom of Snow, 20 times in a row.  In July.


I love it all. From Nat King Cole to Andy Williams to Bing. I can get behind Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, The Chipmunks (although I don’t like the new version anywhere near as much as the old one), and Elvis makes me cry with his I’ll Be Home for Christmas, every time!  I even like the weird stuff – Hippopotamus for Christmas, Grandma getting run over by reindeer, and Sandler’s Chanukah song.

In the beginning, Alpha Dog is with me. He’ll turn the TV to Christmas Classic radio while I trim the tree. He’ll agree to it while I bake Christmas cookies. But after a couple of weeks (I start listening before Thanksgiving) he cries Uncle. Eventually at the top of his lungs.

Oh come on. Even Grinches have to enjoy a carol or two.

I’m sharing my top three faves from my childhood. Share yours in the comments!