Humbled, Thankful, and a Whole Lot of Sappy Love

This is one of those–don’t cry, don’t cry–posts. Happy tears, I promise.

But first, let me start with the heartfelt gratitude. This time last year Keri Ford asked me to join this special blog of amazing authors. I’m not sure what she saw in me, actually, to ask me to come aboard. I love Keri, by the way. It’s amazing such a big heart can fit inside such a tiny body.

But I digress…

At the start of 2014, I was still trying to claw my way out of a horrible place called Can’t Be Published Hell. I  had two published books and was working my hiney off to get more out into the world but wasn’t having much luck. Through a series of unfortunate events (hey, that should be a book title. Wink wink) I’d hit a dry spell. Five long years I wrote fantastic books (hehehe, in my mind, anyway) that were “too different” or “too big” or simply “too too” for editors to take a chance on them.

Five years is a super long time to not see the fruits of my labors. Writer’s years are equivalent to dog’s. By all rights I should by 105 by now. The big lesson? I didn’t stop. What kept me going? Friends and readers like you inspired me and pushed me on. I knew deep down that I had good stories in me so I worked hard to improve my craft. I got stronger, faster, and wrote better, much better.

And I came here.

Low-and-behold a series of miraculous events happened:

A boxed set one my book was in hit the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list. A second book with a second boxed set hit the USA Today list.

LOCK AND LOAD was nominated for the prestigious RITA® award– the highest award of distinction in Romance Fiction–for Romantic Suspense. With amazing-sauce J.D. Robb!!!


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Literary Agent Emily Brown at Foundry + Media now represents me. (LOVE her)

All this in one year! I told you they are like dog years. So what is the moral of this much-too long post?

Don’t quit on your dreams. Have faith in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Bend, grow, pump up your muscles–whatever it takes to get BETTER. I hope you will lean on me if you need extra support, because we all do sometimes.

Thanks for being there for me.


Kimberley Troutte