How to Beat Those Blues


With NaNaWriMo starting this past Friday, I’m searching for ways to keep my life in order and stay on track with those awesome word counts. Scanning through a magazine at the grocery store while I patiently  (not) waited in line, I found an article on how to beat those dreaded blues, which always seem to hit me about the time the weather starts getting cooler. Yes. We’ve had some really amazing days lately. Low’s in the 50’s with high’s in the low 80’s, but I know the gloomy days are just around the corner.

This article was based on tests done by Johns Hopkins researchers, so it’s bound to work, right? LOL

You guessed it. I bought the darn magazine. Here is an overview.

  1. Take time each week to spend with an upbeat friend. (Since my time will be at a minimum, the article assured me a friendly email will do the trick just as well. Got this one covered. I see lots of Drew’s time in my future.)
  2. Take a supplement of lion’s mane from Fungi Perfecti or Mushroom Science. (um…what?? Might pass on this one.)
  3. Deeply inhale the scent of rose or lemon oil. (Okay. Cool. Wonder if dusting with lemon scented Pledge would do the trick. That way I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.)  😉
  4. Chase away fatigue with coffee instead of cola. (Wait, no Dr. Pepper! I’m hyper ventilating just thinking about his one. No way I can do without my DP!)
  5. Set small goals such as drinking water, relaxing, or reading a good book. (Sounds good to me! I thought that was procrastination though. LOL)
  6. Zap stress away with cottage cheese. (Really? Now this one’s cool! I love cottage cheese! Who knew?)

Too bad I didn’t read that last one till I got home from the store. LOL I’ll be stocking up on this one year round!

Oh and Dr. Oz was talking about something called Pea Powder the other day to boost energy. He said you could sprinkle it on your cereal or use it in a smoothie. Might be worth a try as well.

So do you suffer from the blues during the cooler months? How do keep an extra skip in your step?