How an inconvenience became a golden opportunity

beth cornelisonWarning: PSA ahead!
I’ve been trying to get my husband to schedule his baseline colonoscopy for TWO YEARS. He always has an excuse. Too busy is his most frequent ploy. He even tried to say he’d go if and when he ever started having problems in that area. But, of course, if you wait for the problems to start, it’s too late. I wasn’t buying that one!
Lucky for me, I found a perfect opening last week to force my hand. Hubby locked himself out of his truck at the dentist office. I had to take him the spare key at the crack of mid-morning 🙂 , before I’d had my coffee. I spent the drive over to the dentist mulling ways to claim my rightful “thank you” favor from him. Dinner out? A back massage? New clothes? Then, just a block from the dentist, I passed my gastrointestinal doctor’s office and had a brilliant idea. Spare truck key for his stopping at the doctor’s office to schedule his appointment.
He fought me on it. “I can just call from my office.”
Snort. Did he really think I’d fall for that? Far too easy to forget or delay some more.
It had to be now. Walk in the office and schedule the consult or no key. He caved, and I celebrated (with a silent and smug sense of personal victory). Now if I can just get him to KEEP the appointment….
Current guidelines recommend everyone get a base line colonoscopy at age 50. Is it fun? No. But it isn’t painful or difficult either. You’ll be sedated for the procedure and won’t remember any of it. The prep is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, either. No the drink doesn’t taste good, but it’s a small price to catch colon cancer before it catches you. Just be sure you’re at home when you start the prep and you can stay home until time for the procedure.
I had a family history and a side issue that I was being treated for, and so I had my base line screening when I was 46. I’m so glad I did, too, because guess what? I had a pre-cancerous polyp. It was removed simply and with no fuss. But had I not gone in— and mind you I’d had no issues related to that polyp— it was just lurking there, quietly waiting to become a much bigger deal had I done nothing. Colon cancer is easy to catch early and devastating if you wait too long. Ask Katie Curic, who lost her husband to colon cancer when he was 42.
Don’t be a wimp! Get your colonoscopy.
End of PSA. You’re welcome. 🙂