Hotel for Dogs-No Vacancy

Morning has broken here in Central California and for once it is a gorgeous day! The fog has given way to a clear blue sky and the sun is shining brightly. It will be a beautiful day to take a walk or do some yard work or just get out and enjoy a California winter as only we can do it. I have my bags packed for yet another weekend away. The hubby apparently had requested the Monday after the Super Bowl off about two months ago. Of course, he didn’t bother to tell ME to put in for the day off so now I will have to call off, which doesn’t make me happy but it will be ok. I booked us a room at a little run-down motel right at State Line in Lake Tahoe and we are going to find a bar or something to watch the Big Game and have some fun! He wants to actually gamble on the game. We usually participate in a pool at work but this year he wants to do it bigger where you can actually bet real money. Not sure how I feel about that–I’m not a gambler at heart in any way–but he’s excited to try and if he wins I’m all for it!!

We are farming dogs out while we are gone. Is it sad when you take four dogs away and you still have seven dogs left at the house? It is? Yeah I need to move to a ranch…

We gained another dog–don’t shoot me!–3 weeks ago. I’m not sure why, but I seem to attract all the best dogs that are homeless or lost! This one was tied up downtown near my bus bay and another driver got my attention and pointed her out She was scared and apparently had been the middle of a huge controversy amongst several of the passengers and loiterers. She had been running loose all around the area, dragging a leash that had been tied around her neck, and almost got hit several times as she darted in and out of traffic. Someone finally caught her in the Taco Bell drive thru and a man snatched the leash and claimed her as his. The dog was fighting him and other people stepped up and said it wasn’t his dog and our police officer finally came over to see what the commotion was about. Seeing the officer the guy got scared, tied the dog to a bench, mumbled something about getting some food, and took off.

When I got there the little dog was at the end of her leash, scared and snarling at anyone who came near her. the officer was on the phone calling animal control , and I just squatted down next to her and tried to pet her. She bit me several times, but since I was wearing leather driving gloves I didn’t let it phase me and kept pushing in on her until she submitted to my touch. The officer was watching me the entire time, and when I untied her and picked her up and said I’d take her he told AC to never mind. The bus driver that had alerted me told the cop I was the Dog Whisperer and I could do miracles with dogs. I laughed at that but took the dog over to my car where I took a couple of pictures of her and posted them to a page on Facebook where the network of local rescues and regular folks go when they find a lost dog or cat or lose their pet.

The little dog was very scared and I went out and checked on her when I had my breaks. The first break she was still curling her lip at me when I touched her, but by my last break she crawled into my lap and pressed herself against me and shook. Poor baby! I was concerned about bringing her home because I was afraid she would bite Adrielle and that was when the miracle happened. This snapping, snarling little dog that bit the bejeebers out of me took one look at my baby girl and was beside herself with joy! She licked and kissed her and that little tail went a hundred miles an hour as DriDri squealed with delight and hugged her! I melted right there. I posted a found ad to Craigslist–does anyone even use the newspaper any more?–and waited the prescribed 14 days before I claimed the little dog as mine.

So when I farm dogs out this weekend Cash and Jazz will be going to the ranch to hang out with Cash’s brother/Jazz’s nephew Rope. Jazz will enjoy the peace and quiet of the ranch–she loves her Aunt Candy’s big soft quilts for naps! Cash and Rope will play outside in the backyard for hours and her new pup Pendleton will have two buddies to play with and harass! Jackie and the new little girl will go with us because they fit in one kennel together and are the same age and weight and love each other.Β  Cash won’t be going out-of-town until he is chipped, by the way. No more repeats of the trip to Reno for me! Jackie is chipped and the new girl will be shortly.

We named her Tallulah Belle, Tula for short. She has claimed me as her person and most days can be found sitting on the window sill next to me as I am on the computer or sitting in the chair behind me. My husband is totally in love with her because he says she reminds him of our little Chula, a Chihuahua mix we lost a few years back to seizures. He loved that little dog and he was the one who said we should call this one Tula. (Long story short–when we got Chula’s ashes back they had written her name on the receipt as “Tula”. We had to laugh–not sure where they got that from–and have joked about it off and on since then.)

Tula in car seatTula sleeping on my lap

So here is out new little girl. She is just a pup–about 6 months old–and has already found her place in our hearts. After her I’m not getting ANY MORE DOGS!!! Really, I’m not! I swear!!Β  πŸ™‚