Hope Floats…

Here it is Saturday already and I don’t feel as if I accomplished much this week. I am also so overwhelmed with my life that I can’t just talk about one thing so I guess I will try to organize a few of my thoughts and share what’s been going on since I last blogged.

First and foremost: Cash is still among the missing. My cousin Lori took me back up to Reno Tuesday and Wednesday, where we plastered the downtown park area  around the River Walk with posters. We spoke to a homeless man who said he had seen Cash in the park near the basketball courts.  I have had two phone calls about him–one from a guy who either said he had him or that he had seen him, and one from a guy who said his friend had a new dog suddenly and he was pretty sure it was my dog and wanted to know how much the reward was for.  I told both of them to send me a picture of the dog in question so I could be sure it was my dog but so far they haven’t come through. So now I’m thinking that yes, they know who has the dog but the reward isn’t enough for them to do the right thing and give him back to me….   There was also a lady at the park who is unemployed and spends a lot of time just people-watching who also said Cash’s picture looked familiar so there is hope still. I just have to keep the faith and hope someone will do the right thing…

My hand is healing from the surgery but since my doctor put restrictions on me for returning to work–no lifting, pulling, or pushing anything over 15 pounds–I will not be going back to work now until the end of October. I am hoping I will be able to pay all my bills until then! As long as I can do that I am perfectly content to stay home and play with my grand daughters and maybe finally tackle all those things that I haven’t done since I am always at work!

As for my grand daughters: watching the youngest, who will be 2 at the end of October, is like herding cats. She is forever into things and has discovered the joys of the word “No”! EVERYTHING is NO!! Are you hungry? No. Do you want a drink? No. Why don’t you go play? No. Do you love Nanny? No.  All said with a smile and a giggle quite often! She has now perfected rolling her eyes at me–something my girls didn’t quite master until they were in their tweens–as well as the whole dragging-her-feet-while-she-gives-me-the-death-stare thing when I finally get after her to go to her room and get out of my hair for a while!  Can you say attitude?!

I don’t remember my girls ever doing the things that DriDri does. Right now she’s in the stage where she puts things up her nose–noodles, scrambled eggs, and crayons are just the latest treasures we have discovered while mining the depths of her nostrils with tweezers and fingernails! Thank God my youngest daughter, who is the co-parent and “Daddy” to this lovely child, has a strong stomach because frankly it makes this Nanny gag to have to dig ANYTHING out of a toddler’s nose!! When I tell her mama, my adopted daughter and my youngest daughter’s best friend, the things she does when she is here she just laughs and says “That’s why she is with you and not me!”!!  Argh! And then DriDri will come to me and climb up in my lap and wrap her little arms around my neck and lay her head on my shoulder and say “Ila-u” which is DriDri speak for “I love you” and I just turn into a big puddle of love and thank God that I have been blessed with this beautiful, sweet, funny, entertaining little girl who I love to the moon and back!

And on a positive note: My cousin Lori and I talked pretty much non-stop while we were together in Reno. We have just recently met–our fathers were brothers but I never my father and she didn’t know anything about me until my little sister started looking for family and they found me–and we have discovered that we are a lot alike and have a lot of fun when we are together! We haunted the Washoe County animal shelter while we were in Reno. Both of us found it depressing to see so many sweet animals who need a loving family to take them home.  Lori said I should adopt a puppy because then for sure Cash would come home. So Thursday I took DriDri and went to our local animal shelter to see if the Chihuahua puppies I had seen a week before were available yet.

A woman was looking at this little wire-haired Yorkie cross when we came in but she put her back while DriDri were in talking to all the sad little souls behind bars in the kennels at the shelter.  My husband and I had looked at that particular little dog before but she wasn’t as cute as the Chihuahuas and he wants a pocket dog so we merely glanced at her and moved on. I felt bad that the lady had given the little dog hope and told the volunteer that I would like to see her myself. So we went to a play room and she brought us the puppy. When I sat on the floor the first thing the little dog did was climb into my lap and curl up. Then I held her and I started to cry because she just felt right in my arms and I knew she was the one for me. DriDri grabbed her and the puppy kissed her face and wagged her tail the entire time and my heart melted.   I called up my girls and they met me there and played with her also. My youngest daughter, the Princess, said she was ugly but sometimes it isn’t about looks. I walked up front and handed them my last $100 and she was mine…

We haven’t named her yet. There are a few names floating about that we are considering. Quinn was my first choice, but there is also Delilah, Ziva and now Hope is making a push also. All my dogs have an “A” in their name and I would like it to go with Cash (hence why I had Tango) but the name has to fit the dog.  We are still getting to know her and her little personality so I am holding off on an official name.  Next week I will be going back to Reno when I get paid. I can stay with my aunt and uncle and continue my search for Cash. The pup will go with me and together I am hoping we will bring my boy home. But until then this little girl fills a place in my heart that was empty since I lost Tango and she is helping me deal with the loss of Cash. I continue to hope that I will find Cash so I keep  flooding Craigslist and Facebook  and Twitter with his picture in the belief that maybe someone will see them and call me and I can go get him.

And amid all this chaos and uncertainty I am trying to find some time to write. Not sure how much I will get done but I’m going to try. Wish me luck! I need all the help I can get!

dridri at pizza dridri sleeping new pup sweet baby