Hope Floats… Again

So I have been a little AWOL lately from the blog due to holidays and life issues. I missed a couple of Saturdays because I was in transit either to or from Las Vegas picking up or dropping off DriDri from her mother’s.  Our holidays have not been very happy since she has been gone and we have missed her immensely. My daughter asked if we could get her after Christmas so we could at least have one holiday with her and her mom said no she wanted her for New Year’s….  Then this happened:

20151122_143131(1) 20151227_145255  Why yes that IS DriDri on our way home from Vegas and opening gifts at my girlfriend’s house. Her mother called a couple of days before Christmas –after she got our gifts for her and DriDri which we mailed–and said that she hasn’t been home much with her so we might as well come get her for awhile. So Christmas Day we only opened Santa gifts and stockings and I made a small meal for us then took a nap. I left at midnight and drove to Vegas by myself with a couple of the little dogs for company and picked up our baby girl and came home. Why yes, that IS about a 20 hour round-trip with a toddler and two small dogs. It’s like trying to travel with your own circus of flying monkeys–I wouldn’t recommend it any time soon!

We told her mom we would keep her for at least a month–traveling to and from Vegas is expensive–and she agreed reluctantly.

However–my daughter talked to DriDri’s mom a couple of days ago and she said that due to expenses and other things that she wants us to keep DriDri indefinitely. DriDri’s mom has figured out that living in Vegas is not cheap. She can’t afford insurance for her car and is looking at getting a second job. Because of this she is not home with DriDri hardly at all–she has also discovered the night life in Vegas as well and likes to go out with her new friends, as any young person would. She also stated that she can’t afford to buy clothes and toys for Dri.  Apparently she doesn’t really have clothes for her either–DriDri is growing fast and is outgrowing all her things. Sierra has spent quite a bit since she has been home on buying clothes and shoes for her. At three years old she is almost too big for 5T!

So my baby is home and we are hoping this becomes a more permanent thing. If we can get custody without all the drama of court then it would be best for us all. All I know is my girl is home where she belongs and my heart is happy again. Hope floats…