Home to Whiskey Creek

Adelaide Davies hasn’t been back to Whiskey Creek in thirteen years. She wouldn’t be back now if he grandmother Milly didn’t need help with the restaurant she has owned and operated since Addy was a small child. Still, Addy doesn’t intend on staying long. Just long enough to set the restaurant to rights, sell it, and convince her grandmother to move back to Davis with her. She wants to keep her homecoming low-key and as quiet as possible. But the secrets that have kept her away from Whiskey Creek refuse to stay buried and when she is ripped from her bed in the middle of the night and thrown into the old mine where the horror started, Addy is forced to face her past whether she wants to or not. However, the truth about the night that Cody Rackham died is not something that Whiskey Creek is ready to handle and Addy finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse as she tries to figure out who was behind her abduction while trying to deal with the sexual attraction she has always had for the twin brother of the man who led the gang of boys who brutally raped her all those years ago.

“Home to Whiskey Creek” is set in the Gold Country of California. Having grown up here myself I was thrilled to finally read a book based on an area I have lived and worked in most of my life. Ms Novak’s familiarity with the towns and people of the region really added to my enjoyment of the story.
The premise behind the story also intrigued me. How does a young woman who is gang raped without mercy go back to the small town where it all happened and face those that brutalized her? Especially when she and the five boys, now men, are the only ones that know what really happened that night in the cave? And how do those boys go on with their lives as if nothing happened? How do you justify that sort of behavior to yourself? How will it affect you as you continue on with your life?
Addy’s entire life is tempered by her experience in that cave. Her inability to form a strong relationship with a man she thought she loved ends her marriage and she is convinced that she is damaged beyond repair. How can she love anyone if she can’t love herself? Noah Rackham, her high school crush and the twin brother of the man who led the rape, is the one who rescues her from the cave and now wants to pursue a relationship with her. Only her fears of the past keep her locked in flight mode and she can’t commit to him, even though her heart begs her to finally trust and let the past go. But letting go means finally revealing a truth only Addy herself knows, and that truth could bring her entire world, as well as life as everyone know it in Whiskey Creek, crashing down around her. Is she willing to do that? And at what cost to herself and the town that she still loves despite everything that has happened?
I really enjoyed this book. I love a good mystery and I have to say that Ms Novak did a masterful job of never revealing her hand throughout the story. She leaves little clues and hints as to who the real culprit behind Addy’s abduction, to the point where you find yourself going back into the story and re-reading parts just to make sure you are on the right track! Addy and Noah’s relationship is pretty hot as well, and together with a great “who dun it” I found it to be a perfect combination of mystery and romance. “Home to Whiskey Creek” covers all the bases! This is the fourth book in the Whiskey Creek series, with the next one, “Take Me Home for Christmas” due out in November. If this is an example of the other books, I can assure you I will be looking for Ms. Novak’s back list immediately!! Make sure you pick up “Home to Whiskey Creek” the next time you are at your favorite book sellers. I guarantee that you will love it as much as I did!