Did we get so many days off school? I’m serious. I don’t know if it’s because I was a kid and breaks seemed few and far between or if the kids now days really have more time off.

At any rate, the kiddos were off again yesterday. It seems like school just went back into session. Oh, it did. Their first day back after Christmas vacation was Jan 14th.

As you can imagine, having all the kids at home makes for a full house.

In the past, when the kids were home, I’d try to make good use of the time by planning crafts, educational exercises, excursions. Mostly because I didn’t want them playing video games all day, but also because I love to teach and I want my children to have fond memories of their childhood. This Christmas vacation, I didn’t plan a thing. You know what? It made the time I spent with the kids a lot more fun– a lot less stressful for me and for them. We still did some of those things, but I didn’t schedule them.  This Martin Luther King day, I did not plan a history lesson or craft project.

The interesting thing? I even got more work done that I usually do when they’re home.

I guess it’s taken some time, and seven kids, but I’ve finally taken a more relaxed approach to parenting.  I may still look through the craft books and browse Pininterest with dreams of filling my walks with framed child-like art work but I won’t put the pressure on myself any more. So how about you? Do you try to keep the kids busy during vacations? Do you let them do their own thing?