Holding Patterns…..

Ever feel like your life is in a holding pattern? You know what I’m talking about .  When your flight that is bringing you home to your family for the holidays  suffers a delay–whether there is an issue on the ground or with the plane itself–it gets put into a holding pattern. Instead of landing at the prescribed time the pilot gets told to circle the airport until he gets the “all clear” signal.  So instead of rushing into your loving family’s arms as you were hoping and planning on doing, you are instead stuck on a plane full of strangers  on a slow trip to nowhere as the pilot circles the air port, waiting for  his turn to land. It’s frustrating and irritating  and annoying to be able to see the terminal and not be able to get to it.

This seems to be my life at the moment. I have so many things happening in my life right now its hard to keep it all straight! The new record label, the new business for me, signing new artists, and getting ready to start booking places for the band to play when they come out to California–all these things are hinged on a certain artist getting himself moved here.  Once he is here then the rest of the puzzle will fall into place and life will once again and life goes on. The holidays are coming up swiftly which will cause further delays.

So have you  ever experienced a holding pattern in  your  life? How did you handle it? Share here….