Hobo’s Story…

Back in July of last year I rescued a little white poodle mix off a street near my house. We named him Hobo because he was so scruffy and unkempt. He was one of the ones who doesn’t mind biting if he is afraid and he did manage to get a good nip in when I grabbed him but since I knew it was from fear I didn’t worry about it too much. I brought him home and kenneled him  and his attitude improved drastically. However we noticed that he shook his head a lot and my daughter looked a this ears and we discovered that he had a serious ear infection.  He also had sores on his body but at that time we assumed it was from all of the terrible knots in his hair that went right down to the skin in several places.

The vet looked at his ears and said from the way they were infected he would guess that the poor little guy has been this way for probably 2-3 years. And that he needed surgery and it would cost about $500 to do it right. I was floored. I don’t get any help with the majority of the dogs I rescue. I just do it because it’s the right thing to do. But this–this was more than I could handle on my own. So I set up a GoFundMe account to try to raise money for surgery. And my daughter talked to her friends who are in non-profit rescues to see if any of them could help us.

Kim from Kate’s Rescue said she would be willing to take Hobo in to the vet and see if he would let us do payments for his treatment as a favor to her since she is a big client. I was ready to do anything at that point so my daughter made an appointment for him and Kim came over and picked him up and took him herself.  On the ride over to the vet Kim got to know Hobo a little bit and fell in love with him. When she left the vet it was with the agreement that the vet would take care of him and he was now officially one of Kate’s Rescues. Which means that the organization is responsible for any and all vet bills he may incur.

I have to admit I cried. Hobo is the sweetest little boy and just wants to be special to someone. Having the rescue take him under their wing was a step in the right direction. I had high hopes that his would be a great success story.

However that has not been the case.

The sores on Hobo’s skin got worse. We had him shaved and the groomer yelled at us about how bad they were. So in he went again for his skin. It seems we almost get one thing cleared up and something else pops up.  The vet has been stumped. So far he has been treated for mange, ear/eye infections, and now they are treating him for a yeast infection on the skin.But it has not gotten any better and the poor baby is in so much pain he cries at times if he moves to fast. We have given him antibiotics by the truck load, steroids, and baths and nothing seems to be working.  The only thing I have noticed that helped was silver colloidal solution.  I read up on eye infections, since we ran out of his meds and it got worse again, and silver colloidal was mentioned as a natural alternative. So I bought some and dosed him and within three days his eyes were clear and bright.  This solution can be taken by mouth as well and is supposedly a great cure-all for many things. I have been considering trying it on a small spot of infected skin but have held off while treating him with the more conventional medicines.

Yesterday Hobo went in for a skin biopsy. We won’t get the results for a few days but they are now suspecting some sort of flesh-eating disease. And guess what the treatment is for it? A cream called silver solution cream. Made from the same stuff as the silver colloidal solution.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed that this time they will get it right. This little boy has suffered so much. If they can’t get it right this time I am going to have to tell the rescue that I think the most humane thing for him will be to put him down. And it will break my heart to do so. The one thing I have wanted to do forever now is to be able to hug him and pet him like all the other dogs. But he is in so much pain that I can only touch his head and back of his neck. He will come to me and stand at my feet while I am on the computer and wait until I reach down and stroke his head and back. And he wags his tail in gratitude and I cry. All he wants is to be loved. It seems like so little to ask…

So keep a good thought for our Hobo. That this time the treatment will work. The vet told the rescue they needed to stop bringing him all these mystery diseases!  I will keep you all updated.