I have a lot of good ideas for blog posts. One will come to me as I’m washing the dishes, giving the baby a bath, or taking a shower. I could be strolling the aisles of the grocery store and the perfect post idea will come. I’ll mentally write it, telling myself to go home and jot it down. Actually doing that is very rare.

So when I sit down to write a blog post, it’s a bit frustrating that my mind goes blank and I sit here staring at the white page thinking Hmmmm?

It’s not that my life is dull. Far from it. I wouldn’t call it exciting either unless you think trying to get five children and an infant to pose for a Christmas picture in front of tree (Or decorating said tree) and activities such as that exciting.

My life is full. As in shove-that-in-there-and-close-the-door-fast full.

So as I  can’t think of a blessed thing to write about (200 or so ideas will hit me as soon as I hit publish but I’l be rocking the baby to sleep so…) you’re gonna get an update.

I am speeding through book three in my four book series. Whoever decided I could write a book every three months should have her head examined. Oh yeah, that was me.

The good news? I LOVE this book. It’s really coming together. When I signed the contract, each of the books were in a rough draft. This is the one with the tightest deadline.

I had 25 K on it. Then I wrote book one and two. Everything in book three changed. I kept about 5K. Everything else is brand spanking new and I wish I could go back and tweak a few things in book one and two. But I can’t. Book one will be out on February 11th! Woo Hoo! This is news I’ve been wanting to shout from the rooftops but haven’t stopped yet to do so. So here is me on the roof!

I have a release day!

Don’t talk to me about promo yet. Not until I finish this draft. It’s going to my editor  by Friday if I have forgo sleep to get it there. I’d like to relax and enjoy Christmas stuff. My head is full of cookies and decorating and making elaborate meals for my husband. (he’s all behind that too!)

Baby-who-does-not-sleep still doesn’t. The other day she fell asleep after nursing. I put her down.  I opened my WIP and dove in. Thirty minutes later I realized she was still asleep. An hour later I panicked and rushed to her. She was still breathing. And still asleep. That little girl slept for two and half hours. I couldn’t believe it. Of course it made the next day a bit more difficult because I kept hoping/praying/trying to recreate the day before. No go. She did her twenty-minutes and I’m awake and ready to play thing. It made me wonder how I didn’t realize how much free time I had when my other kids did that every day. Twice a day!

She is sitting up now and trying to crawl. Time goes by fast!

When I get busy I don’t have time to catch up on what everyone is doing and I miss you all! So with that, how are things going with you?