High Stakes

internet stake

Behold, the most exciting thing to happen around here in years. Yes, that is a orange wooden stake in the middle of field. Whoo hoo! But like most stuff, it’s all about context. That stake marks the route for the fiber optic cable that will soon replace our glorified dial-up internet. By the end of the month, I should be able to listen to every Braves game without getting cut off in the top of the ninth, tie game. I will upload photos in less than half and hour. Get this–I will be able to STREAM VIDEO.

Maybe even WORDPRESS will play nice with me then.

Excuse me while I put my head between my knees to keep from swooning. How excited are we? I have a son whose number one wish from Santa last year was faster internet. Who, at ten years old, has already decided he will not marry any girl who doesn’t have high speed WiFi.

Plus, when the new internet arrives we’re going to splurge and get our very own connection instead of mooching from my parents via a high powered router, which worked remarkably well until we went and put actual siding on our house. Now we only get a signal when the outdoor temperature is below fifty degrees, which requires me to be up and functional before nine o’clock in the morning, which would be why you haven’t seen much of me online lately.

No, I’m kidding about the temperature. What, you don’t have lows in the forties at your house in June?


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