Hick in the City



Yes, I’m in the Big Apple, New York City, for the annual Romance Writers of America. This means I’m blogging from my phone so I apologize in advance for bizarre typos. I was lucky enough to stay the first night with a friend in this awesome apartment that looks down on Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera . It is also two blocks from a subway station that would spit me out in Times Square two blocks from the conference hotel. So why take a taxi?

Let me list the reasons.

First, the subway was not designed for luggage. Large rolling suitcases get stuck in the turnstiles, and when you get them pried loose you have to drag the damn thing up several flights of stairs while the natives squeeze past with mocking glares. Also, one should be aware that there is more than one Marriott near Times Square. But despite irritating a large number of complete strangers I am here and have already had the opportunity meet some of my writer heroes, including the awesome Laura Drake, so it’s all good… If I can just figure out how to operate these goofy elevators.