Hey, come over here. Shhhh. It’s a secret. Want a sneak peek?

Of my beeeeaaautiful cover? Holy Moly, it’s fabulous, isn’t it?


This lovely SEAL is Charlie Handly, Black Pirate, Communications expert on the SEAL EXtreme Team. The background is Hong Kong. The danger is palpable.

LOCK AND LOAD, book 2 in the SEAL EXtreme Team series releases next week. I love, love, love my SEALs. I am so excited to bring this story to all of you that my nails are officially gone. And sleep, showers, breakfast? Who needs them? Working my fingers off to get this into your hands. Wheeeeee.

Here is the blurb:

Dodge the bullets… A Chinese gaming company tricks Amber Fitz into hacking the U.S. Department of Defense to extract weaponry secrets. In a panic, she steals the only copy and runs. Can she trust a newly-formed SEAL team to get her out of China and protect the secrets in her hands? Solve the puzzle… Communications Expert Charlie Handly loves a challenge and Amber is one sexy puzzle he’d like to solve. Is she a traitor or an innocent? Why does she remind him of the woman he’s been searching for? The only woman he wants for himself. Get out alive… Amber needs one SEAL to help her escape. Charlie makes it clear he wants to protect and hold her close. But his brother and explosions expert, Willy, wants her too…and he’s willing to share. Thanks for letting me share. Kimberley Troutte