He’s to blame. Honest!

turtle avi

As I was sitting staring at the blank screen wondering what to write for today’s post, my cat Turtle decided to walk across my keyboard. It’s a normal thing for him. A lot of authors who own cats have told me their cats do it too–I think maybe it’s the cat’s way of claiming he has dominion over you. Or maybe he’s a closet writer.

We adopted Turtle a year and a half ago, after my eldest son moved out and took his cat with him. Turtle fit right into our family and has become (sssh, cover the dog’s ears) our favorite pet. He’s a real cuddler–one of his favorite places to sleep is wrapped around my neck. usually when I’m trying to write and need to see the screen.  I generally say I’m wearing my ‘Turtle scarf.’

turtle scarf

But there are times in the day when he…well, he goes a little crazy. Runs wild throughout the house at full speed, jumps on his cat tree so fast he can’t stop and smacks into the patio door beyond. More scary is when he climbs up on the top of the bookcase beside my chair in the family room. And threatens to jump down.

up above(Ha, as I was typing this, he headed up to that exact spot!)

He makes himself comfortable wherever he is…literally. keyboard as a bed lounging around Too cute to move

So if there are times when I type a little slower than normal, or a strange string of letters appear in my document–he’s usually the reason.

And if it’s not him? I blame the dog.

plant a big wet one