Here: Have a Little Romance


No, that’s not my latest cover.
That’s my baby boy.
Only he’s no baby–and neither is his lovely girlfriend.

Eldestson and Girlfriend attend a math and science high school three hours south of here, and this photo is from prom–the first prom of the year.

The legislators who created Gatton Academy in Kentucky were smart: They allow students to be dual enrolled in the STEM school AND their home high schools, so Eldestson and Girlfriend (I really need another moniker for her–something that is not a derivative identity) get to go to not one, not two, but THREE proms this year. Theirs, his and hers.

Needless to say, I went ahead and bought the tux.

Give me a moment–I need to go back and look at that picture. (Did I mention that her mother is a professional photographer? Thank you, @31ephotography for letting me share these photos.)

I love this digital world. On prom day, my mother had just come home from her hospital stay spinal surgery. Instead of hovering in person over the kids, therefore, we hovered online: @31ephotography posted and texted me photos throughout the evening. Since Mom is on bedrest, this was a good way to fill the time Saturday night. And–bonus!–because I was four states away, I didn’t embarrass the kids by becoming weepy in public.

By contrast, there is one, and to my knowledge ONLY one prom photo of me from back in the analog days. Here you go: