Here come the Olympics

Despite all the problems in the news about the facility and homeless problems at the coming Rio Olympics, I can hardly wait. I’ve watched since I was a kid, and although it’s become so much more commercialized, I still love the games.

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I know it doesn’t always work this way, but the spirit of the Olympics is sorely needed in the world right now.

Do any of you remember rodeo being a part of the Olympics?

Calgary in 1988 and Salt Lake City in 2004 are the only two times rodeo has been an official part of the Olympic Games. Gold medals for rodeo must be some of the rarest in the world. Since my newest book, Sweet Cowboy Kisses, was published yesterday in the Anthology Cowboys, Bulls & Buckles, I’ve been immersed in the world of bull riding.

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Here’s a photo of the opening ceremony at Calgary with the rodeo contestants in the foreground.

The gold medal winner of the bull riding at the XV Olympics was Ted Nuce. The Olympic bull riding event came down to the final round, with Tuff Hedeman in the lead and both Nuce and the great Lane Frost close behind. Nuce drew Hill Street, a bull who had bucked off Frost in an earlier round, and made the whistle to take the lead. Frost rode as well, but was still third in the average when Hedeman bucked off, giving Nuce the gold medal. Ted had a long successful career as a bull rider in the PRCA, but he said the most important win was at the Olympics.


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Ted Nuce on Hill Street.

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Ted Nuce, Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost receiving their Olympic medals.

The XIX Olympics in 2004 were held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gold medal winner Blue Stone made a 96 point ride in the last round on Mr. USA to win the top medal, but got hurt in the process. Two friends held him upright while he saluted the crowd the he was loaded into an ambulance.

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The hero of my newest book, Kade Vaughn, will never get a chance to ride at the Olympics.

If you want to find out what happens in Kade’s life riding bulls, take a look at Sweet Cowboy Kisses and the five other great bull rider romances in the set Cowboys, Bulls & Buckles now only 99 cents.

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Do you follow bull riding or any rodeo sports?