Help name our new pet?

I know, right? Keri, didn’t you just get a second dog not too long ago?

Yes! Yes I did. This isn’t technically my pet.

It’s the husband’s. And I guess if you wanted to really get picky about things, he doesn’t for real belong to the husband either.

He just showed up one evening. And even though my husband has torn his home apart  multiple times by accident, he remains. Not only has the thing earned the right to be our new pet because he’s stubborn and just won’t frickin’ leave, he also provides a service. He’s our residential bug catcher.

2013-09-03 21.26.56

Now I know, I know, I know. TRUST ME when I say I am the first to squeal over a spider. Just let one get in the shower with me. Husband says I have this special scream reserved just for spiders. He knows when he hears it to come with a paper towel to rescue me.

But this guy? He’s not so bad. And to be honest with you, pretty cool too. I had no idea a spider could move as fast as this guy. He lives right outside our backdoor so every evening when I let the dogs in and out, I observe him at work. Used to, if a bug would hit the web, he’d be on the thing in a flash (maybe we should name him Flash?). He’d bundle him up or eat him and return to the center in seconds.

Since he lives right by the backdoor, that’s where the light is and the gnats swarm that light by the hundreds. It’s too much for the little guy to keep up with. Until now. Last night I watched him sit in the center and I kid you not, when a bug hit the web, he plucks the web strings and can trap the darn bug without even running after it.

Cool right? Thing is a learning.

Husband says it’s not poisonous and thus we can keep him. And I emphasis the *him* part cause poisonous or not, I don’t want no babies!

What do you think we should name him?

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