So my husband and I are having a disagreement.

We sold our large motor home back in October and just purchased a new, smaller one last week.  When we emptied the old one, we filled seventeen of those large, clear plastic storage boxes and stored them in the barn (Note to self: the next time you store clothing and linens and memory foam pillows in storage boxes in the barn, DO NOT put a mothball in each box!).

We’re in the process of washing everything and moving as much as will fit into the new place, and I have a set of camping clothes–shorts, t-shirts, a couple of dressy outfits, swim suit, pajamas (winter and summer), capris, sweatshirts, underwear, high heels, sneakers, etc–basically everything I need for a week without having to pack stuff.  I do the same thing with hair essentials and make-up.  My thought is that it’s easier to have a separate (small) wardrobe, dedicated to camping.  After the trip, I bring it home, wash it and take it back, but I keep it apart from my regular “home” clothes.

My husband finds this whole concept to be weird.  He says it’s much easier to pack everything he needs every time.  His reasoning is that, if I’m going to bring it home to wash and take it back, I’m not saving any labor.

I agree that it’s not labor-saving, but I think it saves time because I don’t have to plan and pick out outfits to take with me.  They’re already there–clean and put away.

We ran it by our best friends tonight, and they were split–he agreed with my husband while she agreed with me, making me believe there was perhaps some gender-bias .

So I decided to poll the readers here.

Which makes more sense to you: Having a separate set of camping clothes, or packing for each camping trip as it comes?