Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve!

Hello! and WELCOME! It’s hard to believe another year is almost in the books. Sadly we lost a number of awesome group author blogs this year.  The Goddesses. Killer Fiction. The Plot Monkeys. The Whine Sisters. Murder She Writes is going from a group blog to just Allison Brennan holding down the fort.  I’m sad to see the closure but maybe it’s the sign of the times.

And maybe not!  ENALR is still here and going strong! Right ladies? Oh sure, we’ve lost some authors but we’ve added some fantastic ones too.

Some authors have said they are giving up blogging to devote more time to Facebook, which would be awesome except for the stories on the national news for the past two nights about how Facebook is “old hat” and the youth are moving away from it. Gulp! At least MY reader audience is still there. If I wrote Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA), I’m not sure how I’d reach that age group. Luckily, not my problem. 🙂

I probably will get a little better with my Facebook author page. Click HERE in case you want to “like” me!

And I’ll TRY to do my newsletter more than once a year! Click HERE in case you want to be on my newsletter mailing list. Trust me…rare and sporadic.

I have a high school reunion in 2014 that I have to “get ready for” and you ALL know what that means. I have to lose some weight so the old ex-boyfriends don’t go, “Whew. Glad I didn’t marry that one!”

I have a new bike that I’m riding for some exercise. Want to see? This is me on day one. It’s been not just years but decades since I’ve ridden!
Cyndi on bike

This is called a Santa Cruz and it’s made by 3G. Here’s a link for more info  http://www.3gbikes.com/bikes/cruisers/ladiescruisers/santacruzladies/

But I am getting better at riding every day. I was SO nervous the first time. My goal is around the park, which is a little over 3 miles, every day.

I’m also blogging today over at Night Owl Reviews. If you head over there to see me, there are prizes…not that I can remember what I’m giving away! But I’m sure it’ll be something cool. Click HERE to go there.

Thank you all for a great 2013 here at ENALR. Here’s looking for a killer 2014!