Happy New Year! (No. Really.)

I do it better now than I do in January.
Sure, the latest get-fit-get-organized-revamp-your-pathetic-little-life podcasts, e-Books and morning TV segments are blasting at me all day, every day, on January 1. Sure, there are adds for “aids” of every kind promising to help me fix my workbasketful of dysfunction.

But when do I really get the energy, the verve, the vibe? When the kids go back to school.

It become a mantra mid-summer, “When the kids get back in school I will repaint this bathroom.” “When the kids get back in school, I will push out another draft, NaNoWriMo-style and clean that sucker UP!” “When the kids get back in school, I’ll walk an hour every day and live on nothing but fresh kiwi and turkey breast.”

And guess what?

The kids are back in school.

And guess what?

Yeah. The carpool sequence got complicated and the fridge needs to be replaced before we can spend the money on redoing, well, anything, and hour of walking I was going to do–oh, wait. Need to go pick up kitty litter. But not kiwi. Turns out kiwi grosses me out.


As part of my next scheduled round of procrastination, I think I’ll list my “derailers.”

What about you? What’s on your list?