Happy New Year! Hangovers Pt 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you had a great evening. For the first time in years, we actually went to a New Year’s Eve party, which included a street dance. I thought you might enjoy the pictures from last night.

Cyndi and Hubby


2013 Ball Drop

As an interesting note, the ball drops at 10 p.m. so we can all go home! LOL

And what New Year party would be complete without the New Year “Baby”?

The New Year “Baby”

So my news…TEXAS TWO STEP is out in print today! Very exciting. Cannot wait to hold that book in my hand. You want to help a struggling, starving artist? Click a link and buy! 🙂

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Hangovers…anyone have one? I had a drink or two, but no hangover. Do you know that the theory that dehydration causes a hangover is unproven? Yep. I’d always thought that was true but it’s not. In fact, research has unable to determine why the symptoms of a hangover remain even after all the alcohol is out of the system.

The “hair of the dog” and “eat greasy food” for a hangover are also myths.

Get some sleep. Drink water. Eat a good meal. If you’re hungover, you’ll live. You may just not feel like it!

HAPPY 2013! Hope it is a wonderful year for all of you. Thanks for coming by and leaving a message.

Now, off to find my black-eyed peas, ham, cornbread, and (for my husband) turnip greens so we’ll have a successful year.