Happy Endings and New Beginnings…

CASH IS HOME!!!!!   I didn’t think I was going to be able to post this particular phrase for a long time, but Wednesday evening I was sitting watching TV and glanced down at my phone and I had a text from a 775 area code–that’s the area code for Nevada. I figured it was just someone asking if I had found my dog yet or telling me they had seen him on the lost pet site, so I didn’t get too excited until we started having a conversation.  So this is how it went down…

The young lady who texted me asked how long my dog had been missing because her upstairs neighbor had recently acquired a dog that looked like Cash. She and her sister were just casually checking out postings on Craigslist when she came across one of mine with Cash’s picture and she said they almost had a heart attack when they realized he looked EXACTLY like their neighbor’s dog!   She asked if he was fixed and I said no and I sent her  more pictures.  And then she said “OMG that’s him!!!” I think my heart, the one that stopped the day Cash went missing, started beating again. I started to shake when she texted back “We are 110% positive–we don’t live very far from Mill Street and our upstairs neighbor and his girlfriend were bragging about stealing this dog.”  I was stunned. They were too sure for it to be a mistake! It HAD to be him! I began to hope…

I RAN into the bedroom, shouting to my husband and daughters “I FOUND CASH!!! OMG I FOUND CASH!!!!”  I think I started to cry–I”m not really sure I was shaking so hard!!  My husband jumped out of bed and the girls hovered over me as I continued to talk to this angel who was willing to put herself out on a limb to tell me about my dog. She told me the people were pretty nasty–she said the woman was crazy and they mistreated their 2-year-old daughter–but that she and her sister made sure the dogs were taken care of the best they could since they shared a yard (they live in a complex of  8 apartments). She also recommended that we bring the police because she said the man wouldn’t give the dog up willingly and they would lie about how they had gotten him.

My younger daughter, The Princess, grabbed an overnight bag and I grabbed my bag (I never unpacked it from my last trip) and began throwing stuff into my little SUV. I had gassed it up earlier that evening since I was planning on going up to Reno the next day and staying at my aunt’s so I could spend the next four days putting up new flyers and contacting the newspaper and TV stations to see if they would do a story about us. I got on the computer and booked us a room at The Sands instead–it was cheap and I know casinos don’t care what time you get there–and we jumped in the truck and took off for Reno.

We arrived at about 430 AM and I asked if we could have a late check out since it was so late already. The desk clerk gave us until 3 PM so we headed upstairs and crashed for a couple of hours. The young lady said she worked until 4 PM and I wasn’t sure how quickly we could coordinate with the police to retrieve him.  I looked at my phone to see what time it was I saw I had a new text from the young lady, Samantha, and it was a picture:Cash with SamanthaIt was Cash!  I couldn’t wait any longer. The Princess and I got dressed, grabbed our stuff, and headed to the address Samantha had given us to see if we could see him for ourselves.  We turned onto their street and we saw two little girls in the yard of a somewhat dilapidated apartment complex. They were pointing to an upstairs window and when we looked I SAW CASH and another little dog hanging their heads out the window looking down at the girls!!! I wanted to go snatch him up right then and there but my daughter wisely restrained me and we headed to the police station instead.

The receptionist was very nice at the station and gave me a number to call with the key words “preserve the peace” written on the card. I called the dispatcher and repeated those words and gave her the case number, since we had reported Cash as stolen when he went missing. We were instructed to wait at a store near where he was located, so The Princess and I parked in the parking lot of a small shopping center and waited.

The officer, whose name I totally did not think to get, arrived in about 20 minutes. He asked to see pictures of Cash, which I quickly pulled up on my phone, then he told us to follow him. He parked in front of the apartment so we made a U-turn and parked across the street. I was so scared he wouldn’t be able to get Cash!!   We could hear him telling the woman to open the door and then we saw their other dog run down the stairs into the yard–but no Cash.

I’m telling you that was probably the longest ten minutes of my life! We kept our eyes trained on the stairway, praying the entire time,  and then I saw the officer walking down with Cash in his arms! I LEAPED out of the truck and flew to him as he opened the gate! I just snatched my boy out of his arms and hugged him and hugged him and cried…..  Then I hugged the officer, who told me that the woman claimed that they had found the dog. He told her that just because you find something doesn’t mean you get to keep it and that they should have turned him into the pound. I told him I didn’t care, all I cared about was getting my dog back….  He was a little surprised by the hug but he laughed and patted my back and we parted ways.

So now I am sitting here telling you this story with my Cash right where he belongs–under the desk with his head on my feet. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the words of encouragement I have received over the past month or all the prayers offered on our behalf. He is a special dog and I can’t believe I have him back safe and sound!

And on that note I need to mention a new addition to the family. I will tell you her story next week but for now I would like to introduce JackiDaniels. I went to our local animal shelter  looking for a Chihuahua to “replace” my sweet Tango and I came home with this little doll instead:sweet babySo my heart is full and I am glad to report that Cash’s story had a happy ending while Jacki’s story is just beginning. Anyone else out there have a story to share about losing a pet and finding them again? Or maybe it was a favorite piece of jewelry or something else precious to your heart that showed back up at a strange time/place.  I’m just so thankful my life can get back on track and my heart is full now that my boy is home again. Lesson here? DON’T EVER GIVE UP!! Keep the faith and keep looking–God DOES answer prayers! 🙂