HallowThanksmasYearBowl–The New Holiday

My daughters left this morning to take my “adopted” grand-daughter Adrielle to be in her first Halloween parade down at the Farmer’s Market. Adorable doesn’t even REMOTELY cover all that Minnie Mouse cuteness and I am sure that their Instagram and Facebook accounts will be full of pictures of her before they even come home!

I love Halloween. I think it has something to do with the weather–the crisp evenings, the color of the changing leaves, the fact that I can pull out my Uggs and hoodies again–yes, I love fall! But it’s also because it’s the first holiday of The Season. Halloween means that soon I will be feasting on turkey at Thanksgiving, then moving on to parties and gift giving with family and friends for Christmas, only to turn around a week later to usher in the New Year, and finally ending with lots of munchies and drinks and good-natured rivalry on Super Bowl Weekend. (What, Super Bowl ISN’T a holiday?! Apparently you have never partied with ME! The party isn’t over til I SAY it’s over!!)

What I find disturbing is the ever-increasing trend to blend all the holidays together. Advertisements for Christmas hit TV near the beginning of October, and I swear that they were clearing out the summer stock at Target and bringing in the Christmas decorations at the same time this year! At least Disneyland has a clue and wait to re-do the park into it’s Christmas Wonderland until AFTER October 31!

In doing so they seem to completely miss Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday in itself celebrating the cooperation of the races, gratefulness for a good harvest, and the expectation of a blessed year. But apparently turkey and pumpkin pie and pilgrims don’t sell as well as witches and goblins and Santa Claus so Thanksgiving just gets squeezed out of the holiday process.

And don’t even get me started on all the commercialism surrounding the holidays! This is a rant that happens every year from many sources, yet nothing has been done about it. I think there should be guidelines as to when these big manufacturers can start advertising their wares so that each holiday can bask in the glory that it deserves instead of being shuffled aside like the ugly stepsister when Cinderella arrives at the ball. I mean seriously–is it really so difficult to embrace the glory of fall and the concept of gratefulness for all the important things in life–family, friends, health–whatever makes your life worth living? I mean, Thanksgiving is a Hallmark commercial and a Norman Rockwell painting all rolled into one holiday! How can you not love it?!

So I guess my question today is how do you celebrate The Season? What is your favorite part/holiday/tradition that you and/or your family and/or friends celebrate? (And yes, I want to hear your Super Bowl stories also! Super Bowl is the “manly” holiday for all the folks who aren’t into tinsel and sparkles! And everyone knows the best commercials are during the Super Bowl! ) So tell me! What flies your broom, stuffs your turkey, jingles your bells, or tosses your football? How do you make the holidays special? What do you celebrate? Or don’t you and why not? ‘Tis The Season! Let the Games begin!