Google vs google

I am currently work on revisions from my editor at Dreamspinner Press and the difference between Google (the company) and google (to look something up on the internet) came up. The way we as a culture create and define words has always fascinated me. My editor lives in England and the different ways we express and use words and ideas pushes both of us to be as universally clear as possible. Now for the fun part of this post –

My youngest daughter, aka 2.12, told me a boy in her class said that your heart stops beating when you sneeze. “Is that true mom?” I burst out laughing and thought of course not but then I had nothing to base my answer on other than the fact that eleven and twelve year olds like to tease and get arise out of other kids. “Nooo,” I draw the word out to emphasize my disbelief.

She looks concerned.

“You could google it.” I swivel to face my screen–with work and writing I’m in front of a computer twelve or more hours a day–and type in “does your heart-” I don’t even need to type the rest, which tells me two things. 1. I’m not the first person to ask Google this question. 2. It shows me the most common questions that start with “does your heart-” Does your heart stop when you hiccup? is another common variant. Here is a picture.


google it


Good news y’all, your heart does not stop when you sneeze. It does change rhythm because intrathoracic pressure. True story bro. Now the funiest part of this post, we’re going to play a game. Bring up Google and google the first letter of your first name but don’t hit enter. See Google is nice enough to keep track of what you’ve previously googled so it’s easier to find. If you put in just a single letter it will guess what you are looking for. When I type “A” this is what I get.

First letter of my name

What have you googled lately? What pops up when you type the first letter in your name?