Goodreads? BookLikes? Do you know what this stuff is?

This post would have been up a long time ago, for real, but I was having a problem.

I kept forgetting what I was going to type about. I mean, click on the page to type my post, idea in mind and then bam.


It kind of worked out. While I kept forgetting what I was trying to remember, I saw Ella Drake talking about this new thing called BookLikes. On first glance, it looks like something similar to Goodreads.

If you’re reading this going, What are these words she’s speaking of? BookLikes? Goodreads?, it’s okay. I’ll explain. I started adding a little For Your Information section in my newsletter, so that’s kind of what this post is about. (and if you’re already signed up to get my newsletter, guess what’s coming next in that edition!) Those of us active in the writing world know about all these super cool tools, but outside of that, I think they can get a little lost. Or look overwhelming to someone new.

They’re basically digital bookshelves. So if you’re one of those awesomestars who have 100s and 100s of books and you can’t keep up with all of them in your head (for real. talk about a cool superpower!). Or maybe you have 10 or 20 books on your Kindle, but it’s a PITA to figure out what this and that was about. Well, these programs are here for you.

BookLikes is new to me, but Goodreads is not. Here’s the rundown on Goodreads– You can rate books. You can review books. You can rate AND review books. You can just shelve books as “read” if you don’t want to share your opinion. You can shelve books that will be released soon and when the book is available, Goodreads will email you to give you a heads up (nice, huh?). Like say, with my December book, Never Stopped Loving You. Go ahead. Click it, shelve and see if Goodreads emails you when the book is released.

You can look up your favorite author–say, ME!!–and see what all is there at a quick glance and see what other people are thinking about the author’s work. You can also see what I’m reading (I’ll be honest, that’s completely out of date. And I rarely rate/review books anymore because it’s just a hotspot for authors. I do need to get better about shelving books I’ve read though)

So, now on to BookLikes! My good friend Ella Drake says “Right now it’s very much like a tumblr, pinterest experience.I think they’re approaching it as you’ll sign up and use it through a sharing site.”

Tumblr, you say? Pinterest? Man. I LOVE the format of those. So I ran and created me an account. And I’m still feeling my way around. I think the site is new and it’s being hit with a lot of users checking it out, so it’s moving a bit slow. I did find me a “Shelve It!” button so that while I’m at amazon buying a book, I can just click that button and it’s supposed to add it to my shelf. I’ll see if I can remember to blog about this on my next posting to give you an update!

How do you manage to keep up with all the books you’ve read?