Gone to the dogs…and cats…and romance readers!

Everybody, please welcome today’s guest blogger, Angela Campbell!

“You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘My God, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!” – Dave Barry

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge animal lover. HUGE. I consider it one of life’s cruel, little ironies that I’m allergic to cats and dogs and rabbits and horses and…pretty much every type of critter on this planet. Do I let that stop me from having a pet? Of course not! I have one spoiled-rotten cat who is my child. I’m crazy in love with my cat, and my best friend’s two dogs, and my brother’s dog, and the animals at the shelter and…yes, I have a serious problem. This is also why I’m almost always sick. (sniffles)

Oddly enough, I was catching up on the DBSA podcast from Sarah (from Smart Bitches Trashy Books) and Jane (from Dear Author) and my ears perked up when the topic came around to pets as plot devices in romance novels. As the two joked, this seems to be such an increasing trend in romance books that all you have to do is stick a puppy on a cover and that thing will sell. Rally? Ha! It was actually an interesting discussion and I encourage you to check it out here. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below. Does having an animal on a cover sway you to read it?

I am particularly interested to know because my recently released book from HarperImpulse has, no, not a dog on the cover, but a cat! Will my book sell? Come on, Team Cat People, let’s show them dog people up!

On the Scent book coverActually, my book, ON THE SCENT, has a dog in it, too. He’s just not on the cover, sadly. But it’s no big surprise that animals wiggled their way into the forefront of my plot. Actually, a large part of my plot depends on Abbot, the snarky cat in my book, and Costello, the goofy dog my heroine inherits.

Perhaps my book’s blurb will help explain things a little more:

Hannah Dawson has a big problem: she’s just become the unexpected owner of a snarky cat, a lovable but not-so-bright dog… and their $10 million fortune!

Which would be awesome if it hadn’t made her the target of every wacko in the metro Atlanta area. Now Hannah and her famous pets need protecting. And there’s only one man who can help them…

Enter Zachary Collins: ex-TV star of ‘The Psychic Detective’ and street-wise private investigator—all 6 foot blue-eyed gorgeousness!

Only Zach’s got secrets of his own… not least that he finds Hannah, his client, irresistibly hot. The more time he spends keeping her out of harm’s way, the more he’s tempted to give in to the attraction and break all his own rules.

I loved Abbott and Costello’s characters so much while writing them that I wanted a way for the reader to hear their thoughts. Enter my story’s hero, a hunky psychic who doesn’t realize he’s psychic until he meets these two mischievous critters. Oh, there’s plenty of romance between the humans in my book, but Abbott and Costello steal quite a few scenes. So I’ll tell you straight up: if you don’t like animals, this book probably isn’t for you. If you love animals as much as I do (or just a little?), I hope you’ll give it a try, especially because I’m hoping Abbott and Costello will help me save the lives of other lovable pets.

I’ll be donating half of my author royalties to my local animal shelter: Greenville County Animal Care’s second chance fund. I’ve sponsored many animals on this shelter’s urgent list in the past, but I’d love to sponsor a lot more with your help. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the book, too, and keep reading the series. Yes, Abbott and Costello appear in all three books.

And if you want to learn more about the book, Abbott and Costello, or the real-life animals who inspired them, please visit my website: www.angelacampbellonline.comOn the Scent was released last week and is available for immediate download!

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Remember: Wag more, woof less!


About the Author:

Angela Campbell is an overachiever with a soft spot for men who dress funny. Superman, Charlie Chaplin, Dracula, Doctor Who, Elvis – those are her kind of heroes. An eclectic reader who loves almost every genre, Angela read her first romance novel at 16 and immediately endeavored to write one, too. Many offbeat attempts (and a couple of decades) later, she published her first novel through Carina Press and has since sold a three-book series to Harper Impulse. With every story she pens, Angela aims to build in a paranormal element to a contemporary and recognizable world with characters who find love in oftentimes humorous and extraordinary situations.