Give up what?

At a recent appointment my doctor looked at me over his reading classes and asked the standard questions: How much alcohol do you drink. I answered occasionally. Do you smoke; I proudly boasted no, then he followed up with, what about caffeine?

I ordered my brain to do a quick estimation and settled for the response of … a lot.

Time to cut back, he said, using my words against me … a lot.

coffee_cup_6814699All right. After a sigh I admitted he’s right. I know caffeine is a stimulant. But I also know I’m a writer, and writers generally drink coffee. If I’m at the keyboard, there’s a cup of coffee beside me—generally – or a big glass of water.

I guess it’s time to read the signs. Two weeks ago, I spilled a cup of coffee on my carpet—an entire cup. That spot the size of New Hampshire was horrible to get up, and I ended up calling my carpet cleaner. Cost me $99. Now my doc is saying, cut it out.

I bought my first bag of decaf last night. I also asked my husband if he minded drinking decaf. He scoffed and said, you’re the coffee drinker. Well, at least I have his support, right? I’ve heard about caffeine withdrawal. Have any of you experienced it? Is it bad? I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck. A lot!