Getting to Reality

It’s that time of year again! I’m sure you’re all burned out on the back to school rush that these months tend to bring. I know I am and I considered writing this blog about something else to give us all a break. Truth is though, I am full on back-to-everything brained and couldn’t think of anything else.

And yes, back to everything. School started back, I went back to the gym (after a lovely two year break!) and it’s just been go go go go around these parts. Days of lying awake at night? Hahaha, oh, long summer, sleepless nights, how I have missed you. Some nights I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow. It’s just crashing.

Mixing in the gym on top of the daily homework that comes home and the house to clean and the writing. You see how the writing has somehow been shuffled to last? DISLIKE. But dang, as much as I want the writing to come first in my life, sometimes it just can’t.

I really have no problem skipping them gym for my word, but I physically can’t. A big reason I started back is lower pain. I sit for ten minutes and when I get up, I’m bent over at the waist and can’t stand straight for the pain, al la old lady hunch. If I can’t sit (standing periods is the same!), I can’t be at the computer. Gym got shuffled to the top, writing down one step.

This is the toughest year of school for elementary. The kids are given more responsibility and more homework to prepare them for the next year. Son’s figuring out times he can do this work at school, but I still check it, we still go through it together. Another thing up the list, writing down another.

Plus my other general house responsibilities. My husband is awesome. He steps in a lot, but his schedule is also overloaded with overtime at the moment. The time…there’s not enough of it and he needs work clothes washed or we can’t pay the light bill that powers the computer. Cleaning…one up, writing down.

I’m worn thing. Told my husband, I come home, I’m so tired, I can’t even work. I have writing I want to do, but short of propping my eyelids open like a Tom & Jerry cartoon, it’s not helping. I’m considering going back to my 12 pot coffee maker so I don’t sleep the day away. DH suggested an hour power nap after getting home from the gym. I think that’s on my schedule today.

Am I slowing down as I age? I am another year older, closing in on my mid-30s. Have I reached that point in my life where reality smacks and she smacks hard?