Get the balance

WileEStandingWhen my first son was learning to walk, my husband would watch him tottering on chubby legs, hold out an encouraging hand as a safety net, and say, “Get the balance,” in a playful voice. This became our little singsongy chant as both of our boys learned to go mobile.

Now that chorus runs through my mind whenever I feel myself tottering under the weight of personal and professional obligations, and deadlines.

Lately, I’ve been hearing it more and more. As I add new commitments—additional online classes, out-of-town workshops, new writing goals—all good, I have to shed others.

So, as much as I love the Everybody Needs A Little Romance readers and bloggers, and sharing my stories here, it’s time for me to move on.

I just want to thank the fabulous romantics for welcoming me into the fold almost two years ago (!), and for being such a supportive, informative, fun group of ladies. I’ll miss you, and hope to see you on Twitter, Facebook, and at conferences.

Best wishes to the everyone in the ENALR community!