Funny Girl (Girl series #3) by Kate Baum

Funny Girl (Girl series #3) by Kate Baum
Published:  April 27, 2014

This week’s review brings us to the most recent release of the awesome, amazing Girl Series.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but admit to being a little frightened how this story would go.  It deals with much deeper topics than the first two of this series.  Kate Baum did it, masterfully!

Janie was always the life of the party, gifted with a natural ability to make people laugh. Her fun world comes crashing down when she’s attacked coming home from a party. Two good Samaritans happen to come to her aid and save her from a tragic crime. She’s convinced to go to self- defense classes to help her cope with her fear.

Cullen, a professional boxer, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When trouble befalls him again, an empathetic Judge looks at his upbringing and decides that Cullen needs one more chance. Judge Dillon recognizes that Cullen often looks out for the underdog and this trait may be the only way Cullen can find a purpose in his life. Cullen’s community service sentence is to teach a self-defense course. 

Janie believes she will never feel safe among men again. Cullen doesn’t think he is capable of a loving relationship. The problem becomes obvious between them, as neither of them can stop thinking about each other. 

****contains explicit sexual scenes. For adults only. This story contains references to a sexual assault and child abuse.**

Grab some tissues, a glass of wine, a snack, and settle in for a great read! I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for Funny Girl, the 3rd book of the Girl series by Kate Baum, to be released and it did not disappoint. In all honesty, it exceeded my expectations. I stumbled upon this series by sheer luck and am so happy that I did.

The series is about 4 friends all heading out on their own to find their place in this world. During their last night together the girls begin discussing their sex lives and how none of them have gotten great enjoyment out of their meager experiences. Dee proposes they don’t have another encounter with a guy, unless it is sure to be with someone who knows what he’s doing and knows how to make a woman feel like a woman. This is the last thing on the minds of the girls as they enter their new lives and set out to have the lives they want, but as always it’s just easier to go with Dee’s schemes than to fight them.

Janie is the funny girl of the group. She can always be counted on for a laugh. She has this amazing ability of picking up on a person’s mannerisms, voice inflections, and accent just to repeat them back to you flawlessly. This has always been a great party trick for her, guaranteed to gain a crowd, even when she isn’t looking to do so. Walking home from a party one night Janie finds herself thrown against a wall while a strange man is pressed against her. Thankfully, two women happened by and saved Janie from physical harm, or at least more physical harm, than the few bumps and bruises she received. If only they could have spared her the mental bruises that she sustained. As a last ditch effort, mainly to please her parents, Janie enrolls in a self-defense class hoping to gain back some of her old confidence. She held a small amount of hope that this class would change her life, but she couldn’t have seen the change that would happen. The class was one thing, but the self-defense instructor is really the one that made Janie want to be a Funny Girl again.

Cullen had a hard life. Coming from an abusive past he was headed down the wrong path and was heading there fast. He had so much talent as a boxer and even that wasn’t enough to stop the destructive road he was on. In a last ditch effort to help Cullen a sympathetic judge ordered Cullen to teach a self-defense class for women that have been assaulted. Grudgingly, Cullen agreed and only because he had no other choice. Seeing the strength these women possessed inspired Cullen. But, Janie did more than inspire. She made him feel things and want things that just couldn’t happen.

Cullen’s past and Janie’s present were heartbreaking. Both suffered terrible ordeals and, although, they were affected differently both were in terrible pain. The strength and support they gave one another, even when they didn’t realize they were doing it, was beautiful and so bittersweet. The heat that they generated was sizzling. I was a little concerned when I read the blurb for this one “thinking how do you take a woman who was suffering from a near sexual assault and still have a story with sparks?” Kate did it masterfully. The beauty of this book lies in the fact that both characters were broken and they only needed each other to be whole again.

I give Funny Girl 4.5 Flaming Hearts

4.5 Hearts