Freedom To Roam…

I’m typing this post while sitting at the Jeep dealership while we wait for them to install the side rails on our Wrangler. We should have just had them put on when we purchased the Jeep but we thought we could find them cheaper somewhere else. As you can see we were wrong so here we sit on a Saturday with a couple of hours to kill.

I’m not worried about how I am going to spend my time since I have my new laptop and am discovering an entirely new world of technology freedom beneath my fingertips. I am beyond thrilled that I can write my blog while sitting here! Instead of dead time I can actually be productive and get a few things done without anyone bothering me.

Of course this makes me wonder where else I can take my laptop and write undisturbed. I was in Starbucks earlier this morning on our way out-of-town and noticed a man coming in the door with a laptop bag. I forgot that Starbucks offers free WiFi to its customers and I glanced around at the cozy couches and thought “I could totally write here!” and the wheels began turning in my head.

I am desperate for somewhere to write that no one will bother me with mundane things like laundry needing to be done, dogs peeing in the hall way, or questions such as “What’s for dinner?” being tossed my way while in the middle of a dramatic scene. I have nowhere in my house that I can call my own and share space with several people who don’t understand the amount of concentration it takes to write anything, whether it is a short blog or a literary masterpiece! I will be tapping away furiously on the keyboard, totally involved in my characters’ story, and one of the girls will come up and want to know where I put the baby’s head wrap and my muse gets all huffy because I am not giving her 100% of my attention! Argh! By the time I get back to the story my muse has slammed the door and gone to bed and the moment is gone forever. I have lost some really good material over the years this way and I am tired of it. I need somewhere I can write undisturbed and obviously my house isn’t going to be that place!

I haven’t flown much these past several years, but one of the things I use to love the most was the anonymity of it all. I could sit in the airport and read and no one bothered me. It was great. Now that I have the laptop I’m starting to realize I could have that anonymity again and maybe, just maybe, I could finally get that book written and start on the other one that has been sitting on a dusty shelf in the back of my mind for the past couple of years.

So if you want to write, and you can’t do it at home, where are your favorite places to go? What other businesses offer free WiFi and do they give you a time limit as to how long you can be there? I know that this great deli right near my work has it and the guy that owns it likes me so I am sure I could settle in there for a couple of hours without much trouble, but where else could I go? And I don’t necessarily need WiFi–I just need a great place to relax and get into my head.ย  Suggestions?

This weekend will be the first time I take the laptop along on one of our little getaways. We are getting the side rails on the Jeep then heading up to Pollock Pines for the night. Celebrating our anniversary (27 years today ) with a little time to ourselves inย  nice motel in the mountains. I’m hoping it snows! And even if it doesn’t any time in the mountains is better than time in the valley! Enjoy your Saturday!