Ford’s Been Canning

*I know I was supposed to update yall on my BookLikes adventure so far, but I was on vacation for a week and yeah. Not much happened beyond vacation.

So. Let’s talk canning, because I did a little of that over the weekend. I’ve been a terrible canner this year. If canning was a kid, it would have died from neglect probably a year ago. Which is sad because I like the process of canning.

I wanted so badly to can some strawberry jam this year, but I never freaking saw any flats for sale. Every time I’d go to town, I’d go by the corner where’d I’d bought strawberries before, but they never had any strawberries! I supposed I could have gotten them elsewhere, but I was so focused on buying from this one place, the idea of getting them elsewhere really didn’t register for me.

So this weekend, Angela James talks about Apple Butter on twitter and I was already going to the grocery store that day anyway and I was all MUST MAKE AND CAN. So I bought some 12lbs of apples which lead to my husband asking why I had produce in the bathroom. He doesn’t understand me. Or the idea it was easier to carry 12lbs of apples to the scale rather than bring the 1.2lb heavy scale to the kitchen. But now I’m off track.

So anyway, while buying my apples I decided why the heck not? And picked up two bags of frozen strawberries. I was determined now.

So I got busy. I set my apples in the crockpot to do its thing as soon as I got home. I think this was my first and only mistake. No wait. This was my second mistake. Wait, wait, third mistake. First, I forgot to get lemons for my strawberry jam, but now I’m off topic jam2again. Sort of. It’ll come up again later.

So I slice and dice 6lbs of apples, set those on and a few hours later my brother in-law arrives with a bag of lemons from town (yay! I’m less random now). I get to work on the strawberry jam. Made. It’s extra tart, but tasty and I got it canned. All 24 of these cute little jars.

Another mistake realized. I’ve never actually had Apple Butter. I’ve just always wanted it. Who knows if what I’m making is actually good? Or actually Apple Butter? I’m in it now though.

Now back to the other mistake on the apple butter. Why was it a mistake? Because the instructions clearly said “overnight”. Which, to normal people, that translates as TAKES A LONG TIME right from the start.

But not me. That translation hit around oh, 11pm when I was going to bed and my apple butter wasn’t done and I needed to do the final step that required frequent stirring. I set my alarm for 2a.m., then again 4a.m. and stirred and was finally able to turn it off. 2stirs in 4hours turned out to be frequent enough!

And it turned out great! My husband eats Apple Butter. Or he has. Like, 12 years ago. He mixes a pile of it with peanut butter and it looks like something that just came out of a behind, not my crockpot. But anyway, he deemed it close enough to what he remembered.

And that’s my canning adventure for the weekend. Or part of it. Last night I set my second batch of Apple Butter on to make. Since it wasn’t exactly what the Husband remembered, I tweaked around with it a little.

I blame fall and cooler weather. I’m ready to cook and it’s finally, finally cool enough to stand over a hot stove. What have you been up to?