Follow Your Writing Heart- By Abbi Wilder

Abbi Wilder Today we welcome Abbi Wilder to our electronic home. I’ve “known” Abbi for a few years. We got hugged at RT13 this year! So *pats cushion on sofa* sit by me, Abbi and tell me all about it! 

Writing romance, in my opinion, is about following your character’s hearts. Their wants, backstories, motivations all come together to give them what their heart tells them they truly need.

But, there’s also one heart that shouldn’t be excused or forgotten when writing the romance. Listen to your author heart.

One thing I learned as a nurse is that instincts are important. And those instincts play just as an important role for a writer.

In my current WIP, The Next Time She Falls, I have two brothers at odds with each other – Jack and Luke. One will be the knight in shining armor for my heroine, Anny. When I started writing the story, Luke was Anny’s hero but only because I wanted him to be the hero. Jack was too damaged to be a hero. And the story felt all wrong as I wrote it. Even my beta readers said I had the wrong hero. Of course, I fought it and now that I’ve made the changes, the story is much, much better.

And, even though he has a troubled background, I have always adored Jack. How could a woman’s heart not melt for this guy?


Gerard Butler played Andre in Michael Crichton’s Timeline and is my persona for Jack of my current WIP.

Everyone has a perception or idea of how a story should be. But, ultimately, the final decision maker should be the author.

I have a novella out in a few days where I should’ve followed my instincts. ‘The Baby Whisperer’ appears in the Mammoth Book of ER Romance with some awesome authors. The story, is, of course, a romance but because of Cover-Mammoth BK of ER Romthe situation between Ty and Lily, I had to make a decision about the ending. I wanted Lily to give Ty a run for his money. I kept telling myself, it’s a romance. It has to be a HEA.

I didn’t follow my instincts on this one and I’ve heard from someone who read the story already. She wanted Lily to say, ‘no’ or give Ty some grief first.

Live and learn, right? Learn to follow your instincts.

Abbi 🙂

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