Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy

Five Golden RingsFive Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy

* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Matilda Campbell’s plans to spend Christmas solo in the sun take an erotic turn when she encounters the handsome and enigmatic Miguel D’Oro on the plane to Mexico. As the CEO of a major firm, Tilda’s used to being the one in charge—but now she’ll have to learn how to take orders instead.

In the spirit of the season, Miguel offers Tilda naughty gifts for each of the twelve days of Christmas. There’s just one rule: she must accept them—and fulfill his commands—or face the sensual consequences. Intrigued and aroused, Tilda agrees to let Miguel take control of her pleasure.

What follows is a week unlike anything she’s ever experienced. From choosing her sexy new wardrobe and naughty accessories, to pushing her boundaries with BDSM play, Miguel satisfies every forbidden craving. But as their time together runs out, she must decide if there’s room in her real life for her holiday lover and her newly discovered kinky side.

Matilda’s plans change at the last minute when her boyfriend backs out on their Christmas vacation.  She decides to go ahead and take advantage of the plans they have already made, even if she has to go alone.  She never expected to meet someone on the plane that would turn her life upside down.

Miguel intrigues Tilda and she can’t believe she’s agreeing to submit totally to him during her time in Mexico.  She has always been in control of every aspect of her life and she soon discovers that she likes having someone else making the decisions for her.  She gives herself up 100% to the experience and never looks back.  Each day brings new tests to her limits not only sexually but mentally and physically as well.  In the end, Tilda/Roo discovers that she is tired of settling when it comes to her love life and plans to make some changes when she gets home.

This was a sexy story about testing limits and finding yourself. Each day, Miguel surprises Roo with a kinky gift from the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Some stretch her limits more than others but she refuses to use her safe word.  She finds the whole experience freeing and wants to enjoy the whole experience.

Both Tilda and Miguel are searching for something but neither is sure what they need.  The more they are together, the more they see that there is something they are missing in the other.  In the beginning they both looked at the experience as a vacation affair and things slowly evolve into something more.  They are a good fit and I am glad they figured out a way to make things work.

Overall I enjoyed the story and couldn’t wait to see what Miguel had in store for Roo each day.  I give Five Golden Rings 4 Flaming Hearts.    4 Hearts