Five Biggest Time Sucks

It’s not a surprise that writers are online. A lot. I mean unlike some people, we have to be on social media. *cough cough* How else are we going to get the word out about our newest release? Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, it’s all part of the job, right? So where as you might be playing, I’m working. LOL No, not even I can keep a straight face as I type this.

I’m sure I’ve whined  explained about my recent writing deadlines and how…um…challenging they’ve been of late. Well, I have one more big one to do. Maybe two, because the edits for this are going to be challenging. But let’s get the one big one out of the way first. So you’d think that every moment I could I’d be butt in chair, manuscript open and writing my little heart out, right?



So it is that I bring to you the Five Biggest Time Sucks on the Internet. At least for me.

1. Facebook. Facebook pictures, sayings, links, articles. ARGH. You know how it is, someone posts a picture of something. You click on it and slide to the next picture, and the next, you look up and thirty minutes is…gone.



2. LOLCats What is it about funny cat pictures? I really don’t know but please don’t get me started looking. You won’t see me again for at least an hour.

3. Cake Wrecks. I defy you not to keep scrolling with mingled horror and fascination. I mean what are people thinking? This has another element of interest for me because I’m an amateur cake decorator… just makes me feel good. LOL


4. Damn You Auto Correct  This is probably one of the biggest time sucks ever. I mean you will laugh until you cry almost guaranteed. As someone who has a love/hate relationship with a spell check, I have narrowly avoided a few of these myself. Watch the links on this site…. like a black hole, I tell you.

5. Awkward Family Photos. I followed this link for the first time on Twitter. I don’t think I managed to pull away for an hour. These are worse than Pringles. Go ahead, try to look at just one.

And now that you’re all cursing me. Sorry, you didn’t have anything else to do today, right? I will mention, well, the honorable mentions:

Twitter. It’s like an online cocktail party without all that social awkwardness.

Pinterest. I’m late to the Pinterest game but I tell you, the recipes alone…a girl can dream can’t she? But then there are crafts, and gardening pictures and… oh my more cute sayings than you can shake a stick at.


So what is your favorite time suck? Care to share a link?