Filling the Time Allowed

By Laura Drake

Why, oh why? I know better. I really do.  You know, when you’re righteously smug about the fact that others do such and such, but YOU would never . . .

I know that’s waving red flag in front of the universe.

See, I’ve always been proud of how much I can accomplish.


You want something done? Ask a busy woman.

The impossible just takes a little longer.

Press on regardless…

I’ve got a million stupid, irritating, ignorant slogans.

My multi-published author friends told me that when I retired that I wouldn’t get any more words in a day than I did when I worked full time. I laughed (behind my hand). Oh sure, they wouldn’t get more done. But I loved to write. If I got 500 words written every day when I worked,  so now I’d be writing 6 books a year! Visions of multiple book contracts with multiple publishers danced in my dreams.

After all, it should be easy. Especially since we’re home bodies, and I have no life. No, really. Alpha Dog is the lowest maintenance guy on the planet – leave him to his 1950’s Westerns, toss him a sandwich at mealtime, and he’s happy as a pig in mud. Okay, not a flattering analogy, but you know what I mean.

Well, fast forward 18 months. I knew this book deadline was coming. Of course I did. I just forgot the proposal that’s due in two weeks. And that I’d be at the PBR Finals next week, then visiting the kids for 3 weeks (gone from home for a month.) And I think we’re going to get an offer on the house – their first question was if we go for a short escrow, how fast could you be out?

Yeah, that sounds like a buying signal to me.


And you know the really maddening part? I can’t tell you what I did with all that time. I was sitting at the computer for most of it.  Okay, I’ve spent some time entertaining my FB friends with kitty photos, and my Bejeweled scores have shot up, but . . .

Now I’m staring at the headlight bearing down on me. Is that a train horn?

Nope. It’s an email notification. I just got the editor revision letter on book #3 of my Sweet on a Cowboy series.

And I really did know better than to gloat. I really did.


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