Fantasy Bookshelves

A friend of mine shared a picture on Facebook the other day that made me stop and think. I know, I know. It’s a scary thing when I think, and this time is no different. She’d send a picture of a pretty darn sweet bookshelf.


After drooling for a few minutes, I realized it would drive me crazy within the space of only a few days. I’d have to straighten it. A trip to my office showed a certain lack of class when it came to my bookcase.


Now, this is the only bookcase I have room for in my current house, but it’s depressing never the less. So, I pretended to be my fairy godmother and gave myself the right to wish for any bookcase I could dream up. Here’s the first one I came up with. Although after looking at it for a moment, I realized I’d have to live in the Cysteine Chapel or the House of Windsor to have enough room.


Still, it’s pretty darn nice, don’t you think? The next one would be so cool if I only had a secret room, but that would mean one more room to clean, so that’s out.


This last one might actually work if I had a two-story house, which I don’t.



What a space saver and it looks cool, too. So as reality set in (how reality got into a story where I’m my own fairy godmother, I don’t know), I found two bookcases I’d really like to own.



If you had your choice of all the bookcases in the world and beyond, where would you store your favorite books?