Excitement is the First Step…

Everybody please welcome my friend Misty Simon to ENALR! She writes contemporary romance with quirk, urban fantasy romance with grit, and romantic mystery with sass.—Natalie


for-web--Misty-SimonHi out there in blog land!

Everybody Needs A Little Romance was kind enough to let me guest here today and I hope we’ll have some fun. I’d like to take a moment and talk about something near and dear to my heart – excitement.

Now, everyone has their own definition of excitement, just like everyone defines passion differently. I prefer to think of excitement as something that gets you up in the morning, something that makes it all worthwhile. It’s interesting to me though how many varying degrees of excitement there are. You can be excited to get out of bed in the morning. Excited that your kid made good grades. Excited that you got a promotion at work, or found a new job that better suits you.

But what about getting excited that your toast didn’t burn? Or that you made it out of the house on time for the first time in a week? How about being excited that you got a closer parking spot when you know your arms are going to be full of purchases when you come out of the store?

I do a little something every day, just for me. I promise myself, I throw it out to the universe, that something amazing is going to happen. Something amazing, however, has sometimes turned out that I didn’t cry when the dinner I so painstakingly put together burned in the oven. Or that I saved the clothes I’d hung out to dry before the storm rolled in. I held the door for an older woman who looked like a thundercloud before she approached me and then she smiled, patting my hand as she went through the door, telling me I’m a good girl.

I get excited about these things and consider them amazing. So much of life is out of our hands. You make the best decisions you can and hope for the best. But excitement about something is an emotion you can pump up, one you can never get enough of. You won’t look at every day as something exciting but sometimes you can find that silver lining if you squint at the situation and cock your head to the left.

May you find the something amazing today.

Do you have any small things you do every day that make even a tough situation bearable?


The Wrong Drawers
Book 2 of the Ivy Mysteries

Ivy Morris is back, and this time she’s determined to stay out of trouble. She’s comfortably ensconced in her costume shop, happy as a clam. Happy as a clam can be, anyway, when her father has moved in with her for an indefinite amount of time, putting her love life frustratingly on hold.So when her best friend asks for help with an in-home demonstration party, Ivy jumps at the chance to get out of the house and away from Dad. She has no idea of the subject until she gets a look at the cookies. But that becomes the least of her troubles when she walks straight into another murder scene. One where she’s the prime suspect.

What else could go wrong? When you’re Ivy Morris, the only right answer is “everything.” With the help of hunky Ben Fallon, this girl will try to figure out why she’s being framed and what it has to do with her getting THE WRONG DRAWERS.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 246
Word Count: 64201
978-1-62830-354-4 Paperback
978-1-62830-355-1 Digital