ePub: The Future Of Publishing?

I have to admit–I am addicted to social media. The girls and I just switched cell phone services and one of the features on my REALLY cool new phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 since I know you will ask!) is that it tells you how much data you have used during a billing period. When we signed up I looked at the plan options and decided we all had to have unlimited data because truthfully none of us actually use our phones for TALKING–why talk if you can text, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?! Oh, I forgot–Snapchat is pretty fun also!

My daughter checked my data usage the other day–now mind you, we have been on the plan for a week–and she laughed and said that I had already used almost 2 Gs of data–IN A WEEK! The girls hadn’t even used that much! But I digress.

One of the social media apps that I really love is Twitter. Granted, when Twitter first came out I thought it was stupid but I finally caved and downloaded it on my first smart phone and I was hooked. Who knew so many interesting and diverse people were out there with pithy opinions and pictures in only 140 characters?! One of the accounts that I follow is the Wall Street Journal. I started following it so that I would look smart and not too shallow–seriously, I am not lying here–but the articles are interesting and thought-provoking and I find that I look for their Tweets every day to see what is going on in the world of finance and beyond.

Last week or so they tweeted an article about their predictions of what 10 name-brand companies will go out of business or disappear in the next year. I was surprised when I saw that JC Penney’s was one of those brands–this is a huge conglomerate with stores all across the nation and I was saddened to think that they would close and put so many people out of work. But the one that caused me to freeze was their prediction that Barnes and Noble was going to abandon the Nook because they just can’t compete with Amazon’s Kindle.

Um hello? That is my primary reading tool and greatest joy! My Nook was a special Christmas gift a couple of years ago from all my children and husband. I cherish that tablet and I literally take it everywhere with me! This prediction was bad enough, but the next paragraph stopped me in my tracks.

WSJ says that epublishing will fizzle out and disappear in the next year or so like 8 track tape players and VCR’s. I was very surprised by this prediction, and they didn’t really expand on their reasons for it.

I have to TOTALLY disagree with this opinion. I believe we have only scratched the surface of the epublishing format. Electronic publishing is the wave of the future and I believe it is opening up the doors for more writers to get published for a lot less start-up costs than through traditional publishing. I know that many people still prefer a hard copy of their favorite book, but those of us who are voracious readers are discovering the wonders of having not only an entire library at our fingertips but also countless book stores from which we can order, download, and read any book we choose in an instant! No more waiting by the mailbox for that brand new release from our favorite author! All I need is my credit card and a WiFi connection and I have it in my hot little hand in a blink of an eye!

I know some of you are dabbling in the ePub world and some have embraced it fully. What do you think about WSJ’s prediction that ePub is just a flash in the pan and will disappear like disco and Polaroid cameras? I know that I will continue to purchase most of my books through my Nook (oh, and my nifty Kindle app on my phone!) but do you think the rest of the reading world feels the same? Give me your opinion! Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way!

Ok–I’m off to enjoy a picnic with my daughter and her sorority in the Bay Area. Always a lot of fun spending time with some really lovely young women–I enjoy this day every year so much! Have a great weekend!