Elbow Me If I’m Snoring

I’m home from RT! Cra-Cra scene this year. New Orleans is usually wild, but add in 3000+ romance writers and hunky models and OH MY LORD!

The conference hotel was the New Orleans Marriott. Nice hotel but got overwhelmed at times. Not enough staff in the bar nor the cafe. Every year, RT (and the RWA BOD) warn the hotel that more staff will be needed in the bar but for some reason, the hotel never believe that women will drink that much. Are they kidding? The bar was packed from morning unti late at night. The roar of conversation was deafening at times.

I made a lot of the parties this year, which is totally different than in the past. Usually I’m in bed by 10!

Samhain publishing’s party, Saints and Sinners, along with Heather Graham’s Friday night party may have been some of the craziest for costumes. I’ll confess that mine was a tad skimpy! I went as an old west madam. Want to see? Yikes, right? Won’t be doing THAT again!  LOL

P1000194The booksigning on Saturday was crammed. I won’t go into the separate room for the indie authors, nor the fairness or not of the booksigning arrangements. There’s plenty of blogs on that.

One of the fun aspects was getting the model from Texas Two Step to RT this year. The cover…


The model – Shane Rice

Shane Rice Signing Copies of Texas Two Step

I drove home on Sunday. Took a nap when I got home!

Next year’s RT is Dallas. I suspect it’ll be packed again. I also suspect I’ll be there! Will you?