Doggie Couture

I adore my dogs. Really. Adore them! and yes, they have very tough lives!2013-03-01_13-58-47_428

However, the only doggie couture they will ever know is a dog collar. Oh, they might get a new collar, but only if and when their “every day” collar has worn through.

However, I am discovering there are people who don’t see their dogs as I do.

Today, while visiting with a friend, she was telling me about Mrs. So-and-So who owns “Precious” [names changed to protect me!]. Precious has a wardrobe to die for, including a custom made civil war outfit complete with sword! Mr. So-and-So says Precious’s clothes closet is larger than his. Now, this couple have children and grandchildren, so don’t think they are projecting their lack of offspring onto their dog. Nope.  She just likes to dress up the dog.

When I did a search on this topic, I was astounded at all the online pet boutiques. This is just a small sampling of what is available:

Picture from:

So talk to me…confess…have you ever dressed up your dog or cat? Special occasion or just an every day outfit? And do you have a picture to share? 

What do you think about dressing up your pets? Yes? No?

and seriously…isn’t that the cutest picture? Look at those eyes!